Unwind Pune

Unwind is the place in Pune which reminds you of Goa, divided in three sections, spread over 14000 sqft is a perfect place to spend with someone special or a large group of friends.

We were invited for a preview and this was a one epic evening of some gastronomic treats. Chef Atul Kanade is a magician with food, his experience and his journey around India and different parts of the world in evident in the food we tasted.

We started with the Zupa De Fungi, A Truffled Mushroom Soup. Made by a combination of three mushrooms out of which Shitake is my favourite. A simple soup served with sautéed mushroom croutons and cheese stuffed mushrooms. The soup is extremely rich and soothing to your throat.It  is topped with Truffle oil which gives a fantastic flavour to it .

Healthy Oriental Chicken Soup, for all the health freaks in town, a soup high in protein and higher in taste. The soup has asparagus, bamboo shoot, mushroom finished with sesame oil.

Makhmali Paneer, the paneer surprised us by its soft texture and then the chef came to our rescue by detailing the dish. The paneer is soaked in curd and cashew paste to give it a smooth and velvety  texture. The dish just need to be tried.

Indo Thai Seekh, Another  chef’s creation by mixing Indian flavours with Thai. Dry fruits and corn marinated in Thai paste. It was flawless and went well with the astonishing combination of peanut butter. Never in my wildest dream had I thought of peanut butter going well with a dish.

Gourmet Veggie Flat Bread, In house flat bread stuffed with a blend of cheese and veggies. The flat bread was crisp on the top and soft in the center, better than a pizza I must say. Mushrooms, Zucchini and squash flavoured with seasoning gave a subtle hit soothed by the cheese.

Dimsums, Words are not enough to describe this dish. The covering made by the potato starch and wheat flour just gave a thin coating to the assorted filling. The veg filling consisted of broccoli and water chestnuts . The non veg filling consisted of prawns and chicken.

Barbados Ke Jhinge- A dish worth remembering. Jumbo prawns marinated with hung curd and in-house jerk spices. The prawns were spiked with Malibu rum which gave it a coconut flavour and i could nibble all day on these delicious prawns.

Zafrani Murg Tikka, juicy soft tikka flavoured with saffron and the tikka were complimented with peanut sauce. The spicy chutney went well with the mild tikka and gave a rich flavour to it.

Char Smoked Chicken Flat Bread, Crisp flat bread topped with smoked chicken went well together and the black mountain cheddar cheese was a cherry on top of the cake. A must try.

Cilantro Garlic Basa, a humongous fillet of Basa fit for two served on a bed of French beans and baby potatoes. The Basa was marinated in a blend of cilantro and garlic . It tasted way better than the beautiful presentation it had.

Burnt Chilli Rice, sticky rice tossed in chilli sauce topped with chives. The simple dish has way more complex flavours than it sounds and was a party of flavours as soon as it touched our palate.

Soba Noodles, a classic buckwheat noodles served in soy soup. These thin noodles went very well with the spicy soup and is a healthy substitute for those maida noodles . They were finished with sprouts which added to the texture of the dish and gave a crunch to the soft and delicious noodles.

Fish in Chilli Garlic Sauce, batter fried basa mini fillets tossed in a home blend sauce of chilli garlic basically enjoyed with their in-house soft bread. The chilli sauce on soft bread was the perfect way to finish it.

Fried Plantains with Vanilla Ice-cream, beautiful crisp stuffed plantains with chocolate. These hot plantains went very well with the cold Ice-cream. An ideal dessert if you are not a chocolate lover.

American Chocolate Mud Pie, a dish made for the chocolate lover . Oreo crust with a rich chocolate mud cake and ganache. This dish is definitely not to be missed.


Would we go back to Unwind, yes we would go there just for the food alone, not to be missed.


Left to Right – Chef Atul Kanade, Aliasgar Mukhtiar, Mohammad Mukhtiar, Farzana Mukhtiar and Svetlana Savant.

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Malaysian Food Festival at The Westin Hotel, Pune

Chef Budiman from Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur took the Malaysian food festival hosted by Westin Hotel Pune to a new foodie level by dishing out his creations.

The festival is on till the end of August and is a must visit.

The cuisine has been designed specifically  for the Indian palate.

The dishes served had a beautiful history to it and a traditional style of cooking to it.

Here are some of the highlights of the festival.

Ayam Panggang  – A sweet and spicy chicken dish. It tasted amazingly well with the rice and had a beautiful story behind it. The dish is said to be prepared for weddings back there. It represents the sweet and spicy flavour which a newly wedded  couple shares on the special day.

Rendang Kombing – It’s a must try for a meat lover. I kept taking about it to the chef and told him that there can’t be a better mutton dish than it. The dish is served in the month of Ramadan and has to be cooked for 6 to 10 hours. The meat was tender and melted in my mouth. A must try.


Ikan Lemak Cili Podi  – Red snapper made in a thin coconut curry. The dish had the fragrance of a Thai curry and had a powering taste of turmeric. The fish had perfectly cooked and went well with the rice.


Prawns fritters = Piping hot fritters served with peanut sauce. The fritters had fresh prawns and went very well with the peanut sauce. It was fried by the chef himself and had a crunch and a rich flavour which ticked my taste buds.

Kaih Ketayap  – A coconut speciality served in a pancake parcel. A sweet way to serve a desert. The dish was not very sweet and had the right amount of sweetness. It was a surprise in its own.


The buffet was a lavish spread of  salads, it consisted of prawns and chicken. The hummus counter was busy through out the evening and so was the sushi counter which had a wide range of sushi dishes  to choose from.

Overall a must visit if you like the cuisine of Malaysia and would like to soak in some history too while digging in the delicious food.

Chef Budiman with Mohammad Mukhtiar ( C0-founder Food-Adda )

Guests can enjoy this promotion at the regular price of Rs. 1299 ++ per person from 7 pm onwards.

For reservations, please call 1800 2582 555 (Toll Free)

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Pandora Gastronomy and Bar

Pandora Gastronomy and Bar opens its doors to Pune by the end of this month, we were invited for a preview with Chef Ajay Chopra showing his mastery to us in what he does best, food.

At the end of this gastronomic evening ,one thing was certain , this place will remain in one of the finest places to dine in Pune.

The ingredients, presentations and the taste lingered with us long after the evening ended.



Tuna bhel – A bhel which was too good . Bhel served on dry ice and topped with balsamic vinegar pearls. It had a taste of tuna which surprisingly did go well with the flavour of the bhel.


Som Tam Salad- Prawns served on a bed of salad. A salad lovers must have dish . The prawns were simply flavoured with lemon and some herbs which complimented the cold salad.

Sun-dried Tomato and Falafel Pockets – Pita bread stuffed with falafel and salad was amazingly delicious . It was presented in the authentic style with a pita pocket. The pita was stuffed with creamy salad, sun-dried tomato and falafel.

Kaffir Lime Chicken Tikka- The chicken Tikka with kaffir lime was just mouth-watering. The rice crisp on the top added to the texture of the dish and the use of kaffir lime gave it the sour flavour it needed to complete the dish.

Hot Bean Prawn Rocks – The showstopper of Pandora. We couldn’t leave Pandora without having another plate of this outstanding dish. Tiger prawns fried in tempura batter and tossed in hot bean sauce. The prawns could not be more fresh and the dish cannot be described in words. It was simply fabulous and a must have .

Malabar Tarts – Freshly baked tarts filled with tangy chicken filling. The dish sounds simple yet the flavour can’t be more complex. The simple flavour of the tarts and cutting it by the outstanding tangy flavour of the filling.

Chicken and Black Pepper Dimsums – The dimsums were served with a chutney and chilli sauce. The dimsums coating was perfect and not very thick. The filling was not bland and had a good flavour of the spices. The sauce added tremendous flavour to the dish.

Dilliwala Butter Chicken – Butter chicken is a dish with is a popular dish in all the restaurants but here it stands out as the butter chicken is creamy and the naan goes just perfectly well with the gravy. The gravy of the butter chicken was outstanding and should be a must try.

Linguine Alio Olio Pepperoncino – Simply perfect. The dish was my personal favorite as the prawns were simply outstanding. The noodles were stir fried in olive oil and it melted in my mouth as soon as it touched my palate.

Sri Lankan Curry – A wholesome meal in itself. The Sri Lankan curry had some exotic vegetables which added to the flavour. The curry has to be enjoyed with jasmine rice. The richness of the curry and the sweetness of the rice simply outstanding!!!

Jalebi Mille Fuille – A great combination for a dessert. The chef played with the ingredients he had and offered an amazingly constructed dish. The sweetness of the Jalebi was reduced by the bitterness of the dark chocolate along with the rose creme used to hold the masterpiece together.


Phirni Parfait – A classic phirni topped with rose caviar. A nice looking dish. The magic was added when the rose was dipped in dry ice and crushed on the dessert. It just added to the beauty of the dish.

Japanese Cloud – A very light dessert like a fluffy cheesecake. It was an outstanding dessert .

Left to Right – Aliasgar M, Mohammad M , Farzana M and Chef Ajay Chopra .

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The Travelling Sushi Festival

The Travelling Sushi festival by Shizusan in Phoenix Market City , Pune has started today and is on till the 31st of this month, a not to be missed festival for the sheer magic woven by Chef Paul Kinny in the creations of these dishes. Every dish stands out and compliments the other.


Tutto Funghi Uramaki was the show stopper of the festival in the vegetarian menu, , the mushrooms were crisp and had a unique taste. Chef Paul Kenny just showered his culinary magic on the dish . Definitely the star of the day and my personal favorite .

Peking Duck Maki was a classic dish with the key ingredient duck so juicy, that it stood out in the dish. The crunch added to the sushi complements the sushi and a must try before the festival ends.



Sri Lankan Roll not only looked appealing but also taste delicious . The pinkish color obtained by the beetroot just added to the beauty of the dish and the crab did go very well with it .A sweet, simple dish with a burst of flavors in every bite

Mediterranean Roll with Hummus is a dish which the Mediterranean people  will be very proud as Chef Paul Kenny made the dish with utmost precision. Subtle flavours of the Hummus just enhanced the sushi. The spinach on the top gives it a very earthy look.

Jamaican Roll was a different way of preparing a sushi . The key ingredient , activated charcoal stood out in it with a subtle taste lingering .

Chiang Mai Uramaki is a combination of great flavors such as Asparagus and Avocado.The sushi is a treat for the taste buds and a very refreshing dish too .

Norwegian Salmon Maki was the star in the non – vegetarian dishes . The smoked Salmon and cream cheese was a magical combination. The taste is enhanced by the Cranberry and a true delight .

Left to right – Kartik Ganesh, Paul Kinny, Farzana Mukhtiar , Aliasgar Mukhtiar and Vikas Mewati.

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Street Food Festival at Crowne Plaza.

Crowne Plaza designed this street food to the next level as lot of its inspirations have been put forth by the street food capital of India which is Delhi.

The elaborate menu designed for the festival .

Dahi Bhalla also known as Dahi Wada , soft urad wada dipped in dahi and topped with cilantro chutney and tamarind .

Murg ka Barrah – North Indian food will be incomplete without kebabs and it was downright a must in the festival.

Chappli Kebab – one of the best, these are available in very few places and these guys just got it perfect .

Dal Makhani , buttery lentils and delicious to the core . It did not need rice too as it was so creamy,  we preferred to taste it on its own.


Tawa Chicken Changezi , the show stopper of the festival , juicy,melt in the mouth chicken and creamy gravy topped with some lemon juice was easily the finest we have tasted.

Falooda with Emarti Rabdi , a dessert and a delicacy enjoyed on the streets of India .

Mohammad from Food-Adda with the Head Chef.

The festival should not be missed for all the street food lovers in Pune as the chef have taken immense detailing and bought the true essence of street food at Crowne Plaza.

For more details of the festival , do get in touch with Crowne Plaza , Pune

Phone: 020 6724 8181

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