Globe in a Glass with Sula Vineyards

The 2nd edition of Sula Selections ‘Globe in a Glass’ roadshow 2017 in Pune at the Marriott Suites turned out to be a glitzy event where wine and spirits brands from around the world took centre-stage .

In an even grander format this year, the wine and spirit show also saw a debut of 8 new brands into India introduced by Sula Selections!

The entire range under the Sula umbrella was up for tasting at the show – wines and spirits from Sula’s import arm – Sula Selections, the complete premium & elite range of Sula Vineyards’ wines and Sula’s premium homegrown brandy – Janus, J and also Eclipse whisky from its subsidiary Artisan Spirits.

From Dindori to Tuscany, Chianti to Mendoza, Cognac to Barbados – all was served under one roof!

We had a great time, meeting friends, chefs and people behind the Sula Vineyards brand.

For a detailed press release do look at Bloggers Adda

Mohammad (Food-Adda ) , Karan Vasani (Sula Vineyards , Ass VP & Sr Winemaker ) , Aliasgar (Food-Adda) and Farzana ( Food-Adda )

Sameer Ranade , Aliasgar and Farzana .

Ann-Marie Battista

Nikolay of Beluga with Aliasgar (Food-Adda )

Mohammad, Farzana and Aliasgar (Food-Adda ) with Praduman Singh from Marriott Suites .

Mohammad , Aliasgar with Avijit Chaturvedi (GM Lavasa Itc Hotel )

Karishma ,Priyanka , Shehnaaz and Farzana from Food-Adda

Aliasgar, Priyanka and Farzana (Food-Adda)

Aliasgar, Manoj and Mohammad