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Black Dog is partnering with the best Stand Up comedians in India and are hosting various events in the best places all over the country. Black Dog presented the Maverick stand up comedian Varun Thakur at Unwind Pune last night. A fun and laughter filled evening well spent. #blackdogeasyevenings #lovescotch #whiskyweekends


Cafe Colombia

Cafe Colombia is a trendy place frequented by a young Pune crowd, opens in the morning serving breakfast till late in the evening serving some excellent beverages. Music , cool vibes, live shows and the delicious food sums up this place, nestled in a quiet lane in Kalyani Nagar.

We were invited for a dinner and with the right company of the owner Abhishek Dube.

We started with the Magic Mushrooms, a crisp stuffed mushroom which was golden fried in a bread crumb batter. The mushrooms were stuffed with cheese and it was a delight in every way.

Teriyaki Chicken, strips of juicy chicken Sautéed in teriyaki sauce. The chicken had an intense flavour of garlic which gave a good hit to the dish.

Chilli Hot Dog, soft hot dog bun with a delicious sausage. The hotdog was topped with spicy mutton kheema and cheese. The mustard and chilli gave an amazing flavour to it.

Garlic Prawns, Sautéed prawns in butter garlic sauce accompanied with an assorted gourmet veggies . The prawns went well with the herbed mash potatoes which gave it a creamy texture.

Brownies, sizzling gooey brownies with chocolate sauce. The classic combination can never go wrong specially if the brownies tasted more like fudge.

Left to right Abhishek, Aliasgar, Farzana and Meetu.

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Would we go back there? Definitely.

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Unwind Pune

Unwind is the place in Pune which reminds you of Goa, divided in three sections, spread over 14000 sqft is a perfect place to spend with someone special or a large group of friends.

We were invited for a preview and this was a one epic evening of some gastronomic treats. Chef Atul Kanade is a magician with food, his experience and his journey around India and different parts of the world in evident in the food we tasted.

We started with the Zupa De Fungi, A Truffled Mushroom Soup. Made by a combination of three mushrooms out of which Shitake is my favourite. A simple soup served with sautéed mushroom croutons and cheese stuffed mushrooms. The soup is extremely rich and soothing to your throat.It  is topped with Truffle oil which gives a fantastic flavour to it .

Healthy Oriental Chicken Soup, for all the health freaks in town, a soup high in protein and higher in taste. The soup has asparagus, bamboo shoot, mushroom finished with sesame oil.

Makhmali Paneer, the paneer surprised us by its soft texture and then the chef came to our rescue by detailing the dish. The paneer is soaked in curd and cashew paste to give it a smooth and velvety  texture. The dish just need to be tried.

Indo Thai Seekh, Another  chef’s creation by mixing Indian flavours with Thai. Dry fruits and corn marinated in Thai paste. It was flawless and went well with the astonishing combination of peanut butter. Never in my wildest dream had I thought of peanut butter going well with a dish.

Gourmet Veggie Flat Bread, In house flat bread stuffed with a blend of cheese and veggies. The flat bread was crisp on the top and soft in the center, better than a pizza I must say. Mushrooms, Zucchini and squash flavoured with seasoning gave a subtle hit soothed by the cheese.

Dimsums, Words are not enough to describe this dish. The covering made by the potato starch and wheat flour just gave a thin coating to the assorted filling. The veg filling consisted of broccoli and water chestnuts . The non veg filling consisted of prawns and chicken.

Barbados Ke Jhinge- A dish worth remembering. Jumbo prawns marinated with hung curd and in-house jerk spices. The prawns were spiked with Malibu rum which gave it a coconut flavour and i could nibble all day on these delicious prawns.

Zafrani Murg Tikka, juicy soft tikka flavoured with saffron and the tikka were complimented with peanut sauce. The spicy chutney went well with the mild tikka and gave a rich flavour to it.

Char Smoked Chicken Flat Bread, Crisp flat bread topped with smoked chicken went well together and the black mountain cheddar cheese was a cherry on top of the cake. A must try.

Cilantro Garlic Basa, a humongous fillet of Basa fit for two served on a bed of French beans and baby potatoes. The Basa was marinated in a blend of cilantro and garlic . It tasted way better than the beautiful presentation it had.

Burnt Chilli Rice, sticky rice tossed in chilli sauce topped with chives. The simple dish has way more complex flavours than it sounds and was a party of flavours as soon as it touched our palate.

Soba Noodles, a classic buckwheat noodles served in soy soup. These thin noodles went very well with the spicy soup and is a healthy substitute for those maida noodles . They were finished with sprouts which added to the texture of the dish and gave a crunch to the soft and delicious noodles.

Fish in Chilli Garlic Sauce, batter fried basa mini fillets tossed in a home blend sauce of chilli garlic basically enjoyed with their in-house soft bread. The chilli sauce on soft bread was the perfect way to finish it.

Fried Plantains with Vanilla Ice-cream, beautiful crisp stuffed plantains with chocolate. These hot plantains went very well with the cold Ice-cream. An ideal dessert if you are not a chocolate lover.

American Chocolate Mud Pie, a dish made for the chocolate lover . Oreo crust with a rich chocolate mud cake and ganache. This dish is definitely not to be missed.


Would we go back to Unwind, yes we would go there just for the food alone, not to be missed.


Left to Right – Chef Atul Kanade, Aliasgar Mukhtiar, Mohammad Mukhtiar, Farzana Mukhtiar and Svetlana Savant.

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Wood Fire Grill

Wood Fire Grill is one finely designed restaurant in Kothrud, the open areas with live grills make it a preferred choice if you are a lover of grills and rich food. We were invited for a new menu launch and this is what we tried. Badami Shorba, a shorba worth trying. Finely cooked in a thick Badami paste . The hot soup was the perfect way to start my journey of a culinary adventure. Taimuri Shorba, a shorba made by lamb jaw cooked overnight so all the bone marrow and flavours are extracted. The shorba will hold a special place for meat lovers and was absolutely priceless. Galouti kebab, the famous galouti kebabs served on a bed of papad and we loved this fusion . The papad gave the crunch to the dish and the galouti kabab just melted in my mouth leaving a lot of flavours playing with my mind. Mushrooms, spicy garlic mushrooms fried in tempura batter . A match made in heaven, spicy garlic and tempura batter go fantastic together and with the mushrooms in it, you should try this. Fried Prawns, the ideal way to served prawns was mastered by Chef Rajan . The prawns were deep fried but not at all oily and they were absolutely fresh. I think you don’t need anything else to make a perfect dish. Seekh Kebabs, they were not dry at all and the fat oozing out of the seekh kabab just made it even more juicy . The mint chutney had the sweet and tangy flavour which enhanced the flavours of the spicy seekh. Murg Dahi Kalimirchi, the chef insisted that we try this dish and i totally agree with him after trying it . The dish had this creamy texture of the gravy and the pepper gave a perfect hit. The dish went fabulously well with butter naan. Konkani Fish Curry, chef has not tried to experiment with this dish and kept it simple, flavours stood out. Fresh surmai fish in a fabulous Konkani curry made it an awesome combination. Gosht Taar Korma, huge chunks of mutton boti cooked in korma. The boti just fell off the bone and was tender enough right . The curry was a winner, so was the mutton boti. Keema Kaleji Masaledar, keema kaleji is our Sunday classic made in our house. Perfectly cooked with the right flavours. Beetroot Halwa, beautiful red colour halwa which had a rich flavour from the mava and creamy texture because of the condensed milk. It a must try. I have had a lot of halwas before but beetroot halwa here was just unique. Double Da Meetha, a dessert specially for the sweet lovers, I generally enjoy this a lot but this one was tad too sweet for my liking. Overall give Wood Fire Grill a go if you have not yet. L to R Swapnil, Rutuja, Farzana, Aliasgar and Sachin

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Peshwa Restaurant Kitchen and Bar

The Peshwa restaurant is the latest addition in Pune’s ever-growing dining scene, they have a successful restaurant in Dubai where they been serving Maharashtrian cuisine to hungry diners since a long time and now they are in Baner. Good news for us.


We were invited for a lunch with other media and blogger colleagues and this was what we tried. The lunch began with some refreshing Sol kadhi and a chilling glass of Thandai . The Thandai was so good that it got over before I could even realize it. The Sol kadhi complimented the meal.



The starters were the stars of the lunch . I will start with my personal favourite the Prawns Chatpata, a spicy preparation of prawns with raw onion, a perfect match. The prawns were perfectly cooked and were of ideal bite size portions . A perfect starter in my opinion.


Chicken Malvani Tikka, a juicy melt in the mouth tikka with a mild curd dressing. It is a perfect dish if like white meat. The chicken was well seasoned and had a hint of spice to add the perfect taste to it.


Mutter Karanji, a crispy karanji with a sweet pea filling. Simple yet a sweet dish. The filling was good and the covering was paper-thin so it was the right blend of sweet and savoury.


Kothimbir Wadi, normally all the wadis i have had earlier were very oily or were not that great. But this place is an exception, the wadi had a good flavour going and was not at all oily. The crunch, when you bite into it and then it simply melts in your mouth. Simply awesome.


The main course consisted of Goan fish curry, Birdyachi usal, Chicken Sagoti and Biryani . The Birdyachi usal is normally made at weddings which is said that if the usal is not good the wedding food was not that good. This particular dish had a sweet flavour and went great with the meal.


The fish curry was a hit for me and went great with a rice roti more like an appam which is called amboli.


The wadi was piping hot and i loved it by itself. The wadi is like a roti and goes well with all the dishes.


The desserts served were Chikki Ice-cream. The combination was an ideal choice for sweet lovers. Huge chunks of chikki in vanilla ice-cream topped with syrup. The chikki gave a good texture to the dessert.


Kharvas is made with the first milk of the cow after it gives birth. Its is a must try. A very famous Maharashtrian dessert, it is not very sweet and tastes more like a milk pudding or a custard.


So overall if you are a true lover of Maharashtrian cuisine and it’s culture, do not miss this. You would not regret it.


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The All New Indigo Delicatessen

The new Indigo Delicatessen is opened in Koregaon Park and its an amazingly done up trendy place to have a meal, open from morning, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the in between meals.



We were invited for the menu tasting and we started our meal with Saffron Seafood Broth with assorted seafood and Rouille Crouton, a clear soup with a strong seafood flavour. The soup had prawns and squids which added flavour and went well with the broth. The rouille crouton added not only the crunch but also the flavour to the dish.


Not a Kale lover but the dressing made by Chef Tushar made me want to have more. The candied pecan nuts added sweetness and crunch to it . The salad is a must try for all the salad lovers in Pune.


BBQ Chicken Pizza was next on the table, this needs no introduction. Indigo Deli is known for the pizza and the fresh produce they use. Paper thin pizza with a tangy BBQ sauce. The base is a winner and the BBQ chicken was juicy, tender and flavour some.


Deli roast chicken, a juicy chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes. The chicken had a crisp skin and was juicy from inside. Flavoured herbs and it was served with sautéed raisins, simply delicious.


Tenderloin Meat Steak, a medium rare steak is a must try for any meat lover. Perfectly made and seasoned. It was placed on a bed of seasoned mashed potatoes. The center had a beautiful pink and the steak just melted in my mouth. LIKE LITERALLY MELTED IN MY MOUTH.


The desserts served at Indigo Deli is super confusing to choose from since the list is too long . The presentations just wants you to try all of them. The Ice-cream we selected was from an array of choices and it was Belgium Chocolate . It was super rich and i could finish a few bowls if i want to.



The hazelnut mousse was delicious along with the cheese cake. The mud cake was my favorite as it was made with rich dark chocolate and was absolutely sinful and it was death by chocolate in literal sense.



L TO R Svetlana S, Aliasgar M ( Food-Adda ) , Tushar D ( Sous Chef Indigo Deli ) , Farzana M ( Food-Adda ) , Mohammad M ( Food- Adda ) , Suyog K

A must visit if you are in Koregaon Park

Indigo Deli -UG Floor Power Point . Koraegaon Park .Lane 6, Pune.

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