Wood Fire Grill

Wood Fire Grill is one finely designed restaurant in Kothrud, the open areas with live grills make it a preferred choice if you are a lover of grills and rich food. We were invited for a new menu launch and this is what we tried. Badami Shorba, a shorba worth trying. Finely cooked in a thick Badami paste . The hot soup was the perfect way to start my journey of a culinary adventure. Taimuri Shorba, a shorba made by lamb jaw cooked overnight so all the bone marrow and flavours are extracted. The shorba will hold a special place for meat lovers and was absolutely priceless. Galouti kebab, the famous galouti kebabs served on a bed of papad and we loved this fusion . The papad gave the crunch to the dish and the galouti kabab just melted in my mouth leaving a lot of flavours playing with my mind. Mushrooms, spicy garlic mushrooms fried in tempura batter . A match made in heaven, spicy garlic and tempura batter go fantastic together and with the mushrooms in it, you should try this. Fried Prawns, the ideal way to served prawns was mastered by Chef Rajan . The prawns were deep fried but not at all oily and they were absolutely fresh. I think you don’t need anything else to make a perfect dish. Seekh Kebabs, they were not dry at all and the fat oozing out of the seekh kabab just made it even more juicy . The mint chutney had the sweet and tangy flavour which enhanced the flavours of the spicy seekh. Murg Dahi Kalimirchi, the chef insisted that we try this dish and i totally agree with him after trying it . The dish had this creamy texture of the gravy and the pepper gave a perfect hit. The dish went fabulously well with butter naan. Konkani Fish Curry, chef has not tried to experiment with this dish and kept it simple, flavours stood out. Fresh surmai fish in a fabulous Konkani curry made it an awesome combination. Gosht Taar Korma, huge chunks of mutton boti cooked in korma. The boti just fell off the bone and was tender enough right . The curry was a winner, so was the mutton boti. Keema Kaleji Masaledar, keema kaleji is our Sunday classic made in our house. Perfectly cooked with the right flavours. Beetroot Halwa, beautiful red colour halwa which had a rich flavour from the mava and creamy texture because of the condensed milk. It a must try. I have had a lot of halwas before but beetroot halwa here was just unique. Double Da Meetha, a dessert specially for the sweet lovers, I generally enjoy this a lot but this one was tad too sweet for my liking. Overall give Wood Fire Grill a go if you have not yet. L to R Swapnil, Rutuja, Farzana, Aliasgar and Sachin

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Peshwa Restaurant Kitchen and Bar

The Peshwa restaurant is the latest addition in Pune’s ever-growing dining scene, they have a successful restaurant in Dubai where they been serving Maharashtrian cuisine to hungry diners since a long time and now they are in Baner. Good news for us.


We were invited for a lunch with other media and blogger colleagues and this was what we tried. The lunch began with some refreshing Sol kadhi and a chilling glass of Thandai . The Thandai was so good that it got over before I could even realize it. The Sol kadhi complimented the meal.



The starters were the stars of the lunch . I will start with my personal favourite the Prawns Chatpata, a spicy preparation of prawns with raw onion, a perfect match. The prawns were perfectly cooked and were of ideal bite size portions . A perfect starter in my opinion.


Chicken Malvani Tikka, a juicy melt in the mouth tikka with a mild curd dressing. It is a perfect dish if like white meat. The chicken was well seasoned and had a hint of spice to add the perfect taste to it.


Mutter Karanji, a crispy karanji with a sweet pea filling. Simple yet a sweet dish. The filling was good and the covering was paper-thin so it was the right blend of sweet and savoury.


Kothimbir Wadi, normally all the wadis i have had earlier were very oily or were not that great. But this place is an exception, the wadi had a good flavour going and was not at all oily. The crunch, when you bite into it and then it simply melts in your mouth. Simply awesome.


The main course consisted of Goan fish curry, Birdyachi usal, Chicken Sagoti and Biryani . The Birdyachi usal is normally made at weddings which is said that if the usal is not good the wedding food was not that good. This particular dish had a sweet flavour and went great with the meal.


The fish curry was a hit for me and went great with a rice roti more like an appam which is called amboli.


The wadi was piping hot and i loved it by itself. The wadi is like a roti and goes well with all the dishes.


The desserts served were Chikki Ice-cream. The combination was an ideal choice for sweet lovers. Huge chunks of chikki in vanilla ice-cream topped with syrup. The chikki gave a good texture to the dessert.


Kharvas is made with the first milk of the cow after it gives birth. Its is a must try. A very famous Maharashtrian dessert, it is not very sweet and tastes more like a milk pudding or a custard.


So overall if you are a true lover of Maharashtrian cuisine and it’s culture, do not miss this. You would not regret it.


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The All New Indigo Delicatessen

The new Indigo Delicatessen is opened in Koregaon Park and its an amazingly done up trendy place to have a meal, open from morning, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the in between meals.



We were invited for the menu tasting and we started our meal with Saffron Seafood Broth with assorted seafood and Rouille Crouton, a clear soup with a strong seafood flavour. The soup had prawns and squids which added flavour and went well with the broth. The rouille crouton added not only the crunch but also the flavour to the dish.


Not a Kale lover but the dressing made by Chef Tushar made me want to have more. The candied pecan nuts added sweetness and crunch to it . The salad is a must try for all the salad lovers in Pune.


BBQ Chicken Pizza was next on the table, this needs no introduction. Indigo Deli is known for the pizza and the fresh produce they use. Paper thin pizza with a tangy BBQ sauce. The base is a winner and the BBQ chicken was juicy, tender and flavour some.


Deli roast chicken, a juicy chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes. The chicken had a crisp skin and was juicy from inside. Flavoured herbs and it was served with sautéed raisins, simply delicious.


Tenderloin Meat Steak, a medium rare steak is a must try for any meat lover. Perfectly made and seasoned. It was placed on a bed of seasoned mashed potatoes. The center had a beautiful pink and the steak just melted in my mouth. LIKE LITERALLY MELTED IN MY MOUTH.


The desserts served at Indigo Deli is super confusing to choose from since the list is too long . The presentations just wants you to try all of them. The Ice-cream we selected was from an array of choices and it was Belgium Chocolate . It was super rich and i could finish a few bowls if i want to.



The hazelnut mousse was delicious along with the cheese cake. The mud cake was my favorite as it was made with rich dark chocolate and was absolutely sinful and it was death by chocolate in literal sense.



L TO R Svetlana S, Aliasgar M ( Food-Adda ) , Tushar D ( Sous Chef Indigo Deli ) , Farzana M ( Food-Adda ) , Mohammad M ( Food- Adda ) , Suyog K

A must visit if you are in Koregaon Park

Indigo Deli -UG Floor Power Point . Koraegaon Park .Lane 6, Pune.


I do not think that TGIF needs any review as it has grown from an American brand to an international one, top-notch food, impeccable service and international themed decor makes it an experience valued for your buck.

We were invited to the new outlet in the swanky Pavilion Mall on Senapati Babat road and it was an awesome evening well spent with some delicious food.

We started with the Ultimate Jack  Daniels tenderloin Burger.The Jack  Daniels  sauce just complimented the dish leaving the flavour of the beautiful meat to do the magic. The onion rings gave a nice crunch and a caramelized flavour to it . After several attempts i finally managed to polish off the humongous beauty.


Next on the list was Crab and Parmesan crushed fish, cheese and crabs two of my favourite ingredients used in a single dish. Fish batter fried in bread crumbs mixed and served with one of the best creamy mashed potatoes with a beautiful blend of cheddar.
Sadly we could not attempt any more dishes as we were so stuffed with these two dishes that we straight away went for the  desserts.


The Sizzling Brownie  Sensation was on our list, the size of the brownie should not be according to TGIF standards, as you just can’t finish it . The brownies did not disappoint specially after they have three huge portions of brownies on top of each other vying for space and topped with a gallop of vanilla ice-cream. It is too huge, too sinful and  a mind-blowing dessert.

We did opt for the Snicker Treat,  the shot glasses are specially designed for the people who want to have a small portion and is ideal if you want to subsidize the sweet craving.

Overall do not miss this, true VFM and if you have an appetite for more, this is the place to visit.


L TO R -Anthony ( Restaurant Manager) , Sunil Sheoran ( GM ) , Aliasgar Ali Asgar Mukhtiar ( Food-Adda Founder ) Farzana Mukhtiar ( Food-Adda )


TGIF, Second Floor, Pavilion Mall, Senapati Bapat road, Shivaji Nagar.

Malaysian Food Festival at The Westin Hotel, Pune

Chef Budiman from Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur took the Malaysian food festival hosted by Westin Hotel Pune to a new foodie level by dishing out his creations.

The festival is on till the end of August and is a must visit.

The cuisine has been designed specifically  for the Indian palate.

The dishes served had a beautiful history to it and a traditional style of cooking to it.

Here are some of the highlights of the festival.

Ayam Panggang  – A sweet and spicy chicken dish. It tasted amazingly well with the rice and had a beautiful story behind it. The dish is said to be prepared for weddings back there. It represents the sweet and spicy flavour which a newly wedded  couple shares on the special day.

Rendang Kombing – It’s a must try for a meat lover. I kept taking about it to the chef and told him that there can’t be a better mutton dish than it. The dish is served in the month of Ramadan and has to be cooked for 6 to 10 hours. The meat was tender and melted in my mouth. A must try.


Ikan Lemak Cili Podi  – Red snapper made in a thin coconut curry. The dish had the fragrance of a Thai curry and had a powering taste of turmeric. The fish had perfectly cooked and went well with the rice.


Prawns fritters = Piping hot fritters served with peanut sauce. The fritters had fresh prawns and went very well with the peanut sauce. It was fried by the chef himself and had a crunch and a rich flavour which ticked my taste buds.

Kaih Ketayap  – A coconut speciality served in a pancake parcel. A sweet way to serve a desert. The dish was not very sweet and had the right amount of sweetness. It was a surprise in its own.


The buffet was a lavish spread of  salads, it consisted of prawns and chicken. The hummus counter was busy through out the evening and so was the sushi counter which had a wide range of sushi dishes  to choose from.

Overall a must visit if you like the cuisine of Malaysia and would like to soak in some history too while digging in the delicious food.

Chef Budiman with Mohammad Mukhtiar ( C0-founder Food-Adda )

Guests can enjoy this promotion at the regular price of Rs. 1299 ++ per person from 7 pm onwards.

For reservations, please call 1800 2582 555 (Toll Free)



Mandarin and Mircchi 

After launching three successful brands in Pune (The Sassy Spoon, Sassy Teaspoon and Baraza Bars & Bites) The Chocolate Spoon Co. Pvt Ltd brings to Pune a brand new concept Mandarin & Mircchi located in Ishanya Mall. IMG_1233IMG_1236IMG_1237IMG_1243IMG_1240

This restaurant  was created with the idea of offering foodies two of the most popular cuisines for dining out,  Pan-Asian and Indian. 

Very well designed with beautiful origami lamps and murals adorn the place.

We were invited for a preview tasting and we were thrilled to be a part of this.

An extensive menu but we could order only few as our appetite does not permit us to go over board, so after going thru the menu we decided with these few dishes which excited us on paper .


Singapore Prawns  –  A well thought dish, served with fresh prawns. The sauce with eggs went well with the prawns and added to the flavour. The dish had that scrambled eggs flavour.


Stuffed Bombil  Fry  – This  dish was my personal favorite, we would just go to the restaurant to have this , Bombil fish stuffed with  prawns and coconut chutney filling. It had the crunchy texture and the extraordinary flavours of Bombil was just too delicious . An absolute winner, do not miss this.


Classic Salt and Pepper Prawns – The chef kept this dish simple and tossed it in salt and pepper and served it on a bed of house vegetables. It was slightly salty according to my liking but went well with the vegetables.


Mutton Pepper  Fry – Boneless strips of mutton fried in their home blend of pepper seasoning. It was tender and had the slight crunch which I like in my mutton dishes.


Mangalorean Prawns  Ghee  Roast- A fabulous dish made with coconut and tamarind masala. The gravy perfectly complimented the prawns. I would prefer this dish anytime over the mutton ghee roast with is normally had. Just amazing.


Gosht Galouti  Kebab  –  Melt  in the  mouth dish , the was an ideal galouti dish . The flavours  were spot on and when had with Rogani roti,  it just enhanced the flavour. It was a stunner and a must try.

Classic dessert, Brownie with vanilla ice cream, perfectly made, no complaints, only a sinful dessert to finish your meal.



Drinks like Green Fizz ( non-alcoholic), M&M Mary ( non-alcoholic & alcoholic), Paan BanarasiWalla ( non-alcoholic & alcoholic), Berry Bunny (alcoholic), Gingerbread Man ( alcoholic ) are some must haves there . 

IMG_1280Mandarin and Mircchi

Unit no 11, Ishanya Mall , Shastri Nagar, Pune 6.

Phone No – 020 49331440

Parsi food at Dinshaws Xpress

IMG_1287DSC_0604~3Parsi cuisine is one of our favorite cuisines. It’s a must have on a Sunday afternoon, the traditional dhansak and Mutton cutlets have been our staple lunch on most Sundays . So when we were invited to  Dinshaws Xpress in Koregaon Park with a whole new management and a family passionate about food behind it, we were delighted to taste the Parsi  food with a twist.


We started with Dinshaws Home Fries  – Crisp  fries with a three variety of homemade dips. The ideal way to start your meal is with these fries.


Smack That  – A twist on the classic fries. Cheese on a bed of crisp fries. It  tastes way better that it sounds. My personal favorite way to have my fries. Can go just for this too.

IMG_1294Chicken Farcha –  This farcha is better than the classic farcha as it is way more convenient to eat without getting your hands messy . Dinshaws has made the classic farcha with boneless pieces of chicken. A good twist to the classic one. 


Kheema Pav  – A spicy Kheema dish  with buttered Pav, we loved it and i just relish  the combination. Perfectly made, a winner for me.


Chicken Dhansak – A creamy dhansak with boneless pieces of chicken served with sweet rice. The gravy went perfectly well with the rice and left us craving for more.


Salli Boti – Crispy potato chips with spicy gravy was my another personal favorite. The crispy chips made the dish even better and succulent pieces of mutton did the trick for us.


Lagun Nu  Custard  –  The dish looked like a masterpiece. The chef made the classic Lagun nu custard look great. It not only looked great but also tasted amazing. The custard with caramel is the best way one can finish his meal and we did that with ours.




Do not miss this festival, all month long till the end of August 2017.

Dinshaws Xpress Cafe

North Main Road, Lane no 6, Koregaon Park. Pune 1.

Phone no – 020 32333212