Mandarin and Mircchi 

After launching three successful brands in Pune (The Sassy Spoon, Sassy Teaspoon and Baraza Bars & Bites) The Chocolate Spoon Co. Pvt Ltd brings to Pune a brand new concept Mandarin & Mircchi located in Ishanya Mall. IMG_1233IMG_1236IMG_1237IMG_1243IMG_1240

This restaurant  was created with the idea of offering foodies two of the most popular cuisines for dining out,  Pan-Asian and Indian. 

Very well designed with beautiful origami lamps and murals adorn the place.

We were invited for a preview tasting and we were thrilled to be a part of this.

An extensive menu but we could order only few as our appetite does not permit us to go over board, so after going thru the menu we decided with these few dishes which excited us on paper .


Singapore Prawns  –  A well thought dish, served with fresh prawns. The sauce with eggs went well with the prawns and added to the flavour. The dish had that scrambled eggs flavour.


Stuffed Bombil  Fry  – This  dish was my personal favorite, we would just go to the restaurant to have this , Bombil fish stuffed with  prawns and coconut chutney filling. It had the crunchy texture and the extraordinary flavours of Bombil was just too delicious . An absolute winner, do not miss this.


Classic Salt and Pepper Prawns – The chef kept this dish simple and tossed it in salt and pepper and served it on a bed of house vegetables. It was slightly salty according to my liking but went well with the vegetables.


Mutton Pepper  Fry – Boneless strips of mutton fried in their home blend of pepper seasoning. It was tender and had the slight crunch which I like in my mutton dishes.


Mangalorean Prawns  Ghee  Roast- A fabulous dish made with coconut and tamarind masala. The gravy perfectly complimented the prawns. I would prefer this dish anytime over the mutton ghee roast with is normally had. Just amazing.


Gosht Galouti  Kebab  –  Melt  in the  mouth dish , the was an ideal galouti dish . The flavours  were spot on and when had with Rogani roti,  it just enhanced the flavour. It was a stunner and a must try.

Classic dessert, Brownie with vanilla ice cream, perfectly made, no complaints, only a sinful dessert to finish your meal.



Drinks like Green Fizz ( non-alcoholic), M&M Mary ( non-alcoholic & alcoholic), Paan BanarasiWalla ( non-alcoholic & alcoholic), Berry Bunny (alcoholic), Gingerbread Man ( alcoholic ) are some must haves there . 

IMG_1280Mandarin and Mircchi

Unit no 11, Ishanya Mall , Shastri Nagar, Pune 6.

Phone No – 020 49331440

Parsi food at Dinshaws Xpress

IMG_1287DSC_0604~3Parsi cuisine is one of our favorite cuisines. It’s a must have on a Sunday afternoon, the traditional dhansak and Mutton cutlets have been our staple lunch on most Sundays . So when we were invited to  Dinshaws Xpress in Koregaon Park with a whole new management and a family passionate about food behind it, we were delighted to taste the Parsi  food with a twist.


We started with Dinshaws Home Fries  – Crisp  fries with a three variety of homemade dips. The ideal way to start your meal is with these fries.


Smack That  – A twist on the classic fries. Cheese on a bed of crisp fries. It  tastes way better that it sounds. My personal favorite way to have my fries. Can go just for this too.

IMG_1294Chicken Farcha –  This farcha is better than the classic farcha as it is way more convenient to eat without getting your hands messy . Dinshaws has made the classic farcha with boneless pieces of chicken. A good twist to the classic one. 


Kheema Pav  – A spicy Kheema dish  with buttered Pav, we loved it and i just relish  the combination. Perfectly made, a winner for me.


Chicken Dhansak – A creamy dhansak with boneless pieces of chicken served with sweet rice. The gravy went perfectly well with the rice and left us craving for more.


Salli Boti – Crispy potato chips with spicy gravy was my another personal favorite. The crispy chips made the dish even better and succulent pieces of mutton did the trick for us.


Lagun Nu  Custard  –  The dish looked like a masterpiece. The chef made the classic Lagun nu custard look great. It not only looked great but also tasted amazing. The custard with caramel is the best way one can finish his meal and we did that with ours.




Do not miss this festival, all month long till the end of August 2017.

Dinshaws Xpress Cafe

North Main Road, Lane no 6, Koregaon Park. Pune 1.

Phone no – 020 32333212





Bubbly Brunch at Fortune Select Dasve Lavasa. 

Casablanca in association with Fortune Hotels has launched a Bubbly Brunch at their Fortune Select Dasve Lavasa hotel.


Bubbly Brunch is a selection of elaborate mains and desserts and is accompanied by Casablanca’s offerings, the Sparkling Wine and Rio Spritzer, a product of Good Drop Wine Cellars.

The food is a mix of non veg and veg Indian cuisine and Rio Spritzer is in 3 flavours currently which is being offered in the restaurant.

The sandwiches were light and perfectly flavoured and the Mutton gravy in the mains stood out.





The staff is quite attentive and friendly, the food could be more elaborate in terms of starters.

The journey to Lavasa is the perfect way to celebrate your Saturday morning as it was raining and the scenery was very beautiful and the whole experience is a plus point.

Flavors at Seasons Aundh.

Seasons Hotel is located in Aundh, Pune.


It is a regular visited place for the people of Aundh and Baner and surrounding areas by both corporates and regular families looking for a good experience in dining with options like Flavours and The Cellar. A visit is in order if you haven’t been yet.
We recently paid a visit to Flavours where they are having the corn festival due to monsoons.


The place has a great ambiance and a positive vibe to it and they keep doing  lots of different food festivals throughout the year.
The previous event was street food which we  missed  but we did not  want to miss the monsoon festival this time.
The star of the festival was corn and you tend to enjoy it more in the monsoon weather and Flavours captured the true essence of monsoon in this one.

Flavours has this unique concept where they offer a great deal of offers  everyday.

The buffet priced at Rs 699 is a reasonable one compared to the dishes been offered in it. Delicious starters, soups, main dishes are in abundance for every taste.
Overall for us it was a great choice and the evening was a well spent one.


Coco – Sushi and Bar

Coco – Sushi & Bar opened its doors to Pune sometime back with a unique concept , only members or friends of members can be a part of this dining experience. Black inspired interiors give it a classy look . Panoramic views of the city can be experienced along with fine dining.

We were invited for a tasting and we did not leave disappointed .IMG_0936IMG_0937IMG_0940IMG_0946


Beijing Duck Thong Soup – Clear soup almost like a consomme with succulent pieces of duck. The soup was soothing and we could not stop sipping on it.


 Spicy Squid Salad – The dish did taste better than it sounds. Sautéed squids in a spicy sauce went perfectly well with the crunchy salad. The salad was seasoned just right so the squids flavour would not empower it.



Ebi Sushi Roll – The art of sushi making was mastered by Coco. The prawns were outstanding and the sushi had intense flavour. The dish was a straight away winner.


Chicken Shitaki Dimsums – Firm dimsums with a thin wrapper with perfectly flavoured chicken and shitaki. The mixture just made my day. The dips given just complimented the dimsums but did not overpower it.



Lemon Grass Fish Cakes – Not a fan of fish cakes but these were not oily and had a good flavour , lemon grass added a mild flavour leaving the true essence of fish cake. 


Chicken Wrapped In Banana Leaf – The dish reminded me the day I had a simple dish in the beautiful state of Kerala. Simple flavoured chicken wrapped in a banana leaf which added flavour and left the simplicity of the dish intact .


Wasabi Ice Cream – A mild flavour of wasabi gave a unique taste to this ice cream .


Smoked Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake – I think I really don’t need to write about this one . It was a dream come true for a chocolate lover. The chocolate with the combination of mousse cake just took me on the trip to Charlie and his chocolate factory. My personal favorite and a perfect end to a perfect meal.

Pandora Gastronomy and Bar

Pandora Gastronomy and Bar opens its doors to Pune by the end of this month, we were invited for a preview with Chef Ajay Chopra showing his mastery to us in what he does best, food.

At the end of this gastronomic evening ,one thing was certain , this place will remain in one of the finest places to dine in Pune.

The ingredients, presentations and the taste lingered with us long after the evening ended.



Tuna bhel – A bhel which was too good . Bhel served on dry ice and topped with balsamic vinegar pearls. It had a taste of tuna which surprisingly did go well with the flavour of the bhel.


Som Tam Salad- Prawns served on a bed of salad. A salad lovers must have dish . The prawns were simply flavoured with lemon and some herbs which complimented the cold salad.

Sun-dried Tomato and Falafel Pockets – Pita bread stuffed with falafel and salad was amazingly delicious . It was presented in the authentic style with a pita pocket. The pita was stuffed with creamy salad, sun-dried tomato and falafel.

Kaffir Lime Chicken Tikka- The chicken Tikka with kaffir lime was just mouth-watering. The rice crisp on the top added to the texture of the dish and the use of kaffir lime gave it the sour flavour it needed to complete the dish.

Hot Bean Prawn Rocks – The showstopper of Pandora. We couldn’t leave Pandora without having another plate of this outstanding dish. Tiger prawns fried in tempura batter and tossed in hot bean sauce. The prawns could not be more fresh and the dish cannot be described in words. It was simply fabulous and a must have .

Malabar Tarts – Freshly baked tarts filled with tangy chicken filling. The dish sounds simple yet the flavour can’t be more complex. The simple flavour of the tarts and cutting it by the outstanding tangy flavour of the filling.

Chicken and Black Pepper Dimsums – The dimsums were served with a chutney and chilli sauce. The dimsums coating was perfect and not very thick. The filling was not bland and had a good flavour of the spices. The sauce added tremendous flavour to the dish.

Dilliwala Butter Chicken – Butter chicken is a dish with is a popular dish in all the restaurants but here it stands out as the butter chicken is creamy and the naan goes just perfectly well with the gravy. The gravy of the butter chicken was outstanding and should be a must try.

Linguine Alio Olio Pepperoncino – Simply perfect. The dish was my personal favorite as the prawns were simply outstanding. The noodles were stir fried in olive oil and it melted in my mouth as soon as it touched my palate.

Sri Lankan Curry – A wholesome meal in itself. The Sri Lankan curry had some exotic vegetables which added to the flavour. The curry has to be enjoyed with jasmine rice. The richness of the curry and the sweetness of the rice simply outstanding!!!

Jalebi Mille Fuille – A great combination for a dessert. The chef played with the ingredients he had and offered an amazingly constructed dish. The sweetness of the Jalebi was reduced by the bitterness of the dark chocolate along with the rose creme used to hold the masterpiece together.


Phirni Parfait – A classic phirni topped with rose caviar. A nice looking dish. The magic was added when the rose was dipped in dry ice and crushed on the dessert. It just added to the beauty of the dish.

Japanese Cloud – A very light dessert like a fluffy cheesecake. It was an outstanding dessert .

Left to Right – Aliasgar M, Mohammad M , Farzana M and Chef Ajay Chopra .

More about Pandora Gastronomy and Bar


The Travelling Sushi Festival

The Travelling Sushi festival by Shizusan in Phoenix Market City , Pune has started today and is on till the 31st of this month, a not to be missed festival for the sheer magic woven by Chef Paul Kinny in the creations of these dishes. Every dish stands out and compliments the other.


Tutto Funghi Uramaki was the show stopper of the festival in the vegetarian menu, , the mushrooms were crisp and had a unique taste. Chef Paul Kenny just showered his culinary magic on the dish . Definitely the star of the day and my personal favorite .

Peking Duck Maki was a classic dish with the key ingredient duck so juicy, that it stood out in the dish. The crunch added to the sushi complements the sushi and a must try before the festival ends.



Sri Lankan Roll not only looked appealing but also taste delicious . The pinkish color obtained by the beetroot just added to the beauty of the dish and the crab did go very well with it .A sweet, simple dish with a burst of flavors in every bite

Mediterranean Roll with Hummus is a dish which the Mediterranean people  will be very proud as Chef Paul Kenny made the dish with utmost precision. Subtle flavours of the Hummus just enhanced the sushi. The spinach on the top gives it a very earthy look.

Jamaican Roll was a different way of preparing a sushi . The key ingredient , activated charcoal stood out in it with a subtle taste lingering .

Chiang Mai Uramaki is a combination of great flavors such as Asparagus and Avocado.The sushi is a treat for the taste buds and a very refreshing dish too .

Norwegian Salmon Maki was the star in the non – vegetarian dishes . The smoked Salmon and cream cheese was a magical combination. The taste is enhanced by the Cranberry and a true delight .

Left to right – Kartik Ganesh, Paul Kinny, Farzana Mukhtiar , Aliasgar Mukhtiar and Vikas Mewati.

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