Food Trails 1.0

We were recently invited to one of a kind Food Trails organised by Phoenix Market City and CarpeDiem.
We were supposed to pick up two chits, one consisted of the restaurant we had to dine in and the the other the secret ingredient which must be present in your dish.
I was extremely excited to attend this event.
The first chit I picked up was of Khiva Restaurant . The second chit mentioned corn as my ingredient. Corn is the ingredient with is very rarely used in mughlai cuisine which Khiva specialises in.
After a discussion with the Chef we came up with Makai Seekh Kabab for the contest .
I chose a very common dish and needed to make a few changes to it. So we decided to give it a twist and make it with khoya which is a dairy based product. The khoya gave a creamy texture to the kabab.   The kebab turned out so soft that it was melting of the skewers. After several attempts the chef was able to master it and it tasted fantastic . The kebabs were creamy and had a slight sweetness which was because of the khoya . It was a rich dish as there was a variety of ingredients used such as dried fruits, khoya and fresh corn. The dish was an absolute winner and so was Khiva for a making a complex dish look so easy and taste fantastic .

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