The All New Indigo Delicatessen

The new Indigo Delicatessen is opened in Koregaon Park and its an amazingly done up trendy place to have a meal, open from morning, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the in between meals.



We were invited for the menu tasting and we started our meal with Saffron Seafood Broth with assorted seafood and Rouille Crouton, a clear soup with a strong seafood flavour. The soup had prawns and squids which added flavour and went well with the broth. The rouille crouton added not only the crunch but also the flavour to the dish.


Not a Kale lover but the dressing made by Chef Tushar made me want to have more. The candied pecan nuts added sweetness and crunch to it . The salad is a must try for all the salad lovers in Pune.


BBQ Chicken Pizza was next on the table, this needs no introduction. Indigo Deli is known for the pizza and the fresh produce they use. Paper thin pizza with a tangy BBQ sauce. The base is a winner and the BBQ chicken was juicy, tender and flavour some.


Deli roast chicken, a juicy chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes. The chicken had a crisp skin and was juicy from inside. Flavoured herbs and it was served with sautéed raisins, simply delicious.


Tenderloin Meat Steak, a medium rare steak is a must try for any meat lover. Perfectly made and seasoned. It was placed on a bed of seasoned mashed potatoes. The center had a beautiful pink and the steak just melted in my mouth. LIKE LITERALLY MELTED IN MY MOUTH.


The desserts served at Indigo Deli is super confusing to choose from since the list is too long . The presentations just wants you to try all of them. The Ice-cream we selected was from an array of choices and it was Belgium Chocolate . It was super rich and i could finish a few bowls if i want to.



The hazelnut mousse was delicious along with the cheese cake. The mud cake was my favorite as it was made with rich dark chocolate and was absolutely sinful and it was death by chocolate in literal sense.



L TO R Svetlana S, Aliasgar M ( Food-Adda ) , Tushar D ( Sous Chef Indigo Deli ) , Farzana M ( Food-Adda ) , Mohammad M ( Food- Adda ) , Suyog K

A must visit if you are in Koregaon Park

Indigo Deli -UG Floor Power Point . Koraegaon Park .Lane 6, Pune.

Indigo Delicatessen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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