Parsi food at Dinshaws Xpress

IMG_1287DSC_0604~3Parsi cuisine is one of our favorite cuisines. It’s a must have on a Sunday afternoon, the traditional dhansak and Mutton cutlets have been our staple lunch on most Sundays . So when we were invited to  Dinshaws Xpress in Koregaon Park with a whole new management and a family passionate about food behind it, we were delighted to taste the Parsi  food with a twist.


We started with Dinshaws Home Fries  – Crisp  fries with a three variety of homemade dips. The ideal way to start your meal is with these fries.


Smack That  – A twist on the classic fries. Cheese on a bed of crisp fries. It  tastes way better that it sounds. My personal favorite way to have my fries. Can go just for this too.

IMG_1294Chicken Farcha –  This farcha is better than the classic farcha as it is way more convenient to eat without getting your hands messy . Dinshaws has made the classic farcha with boneless pieces of chicken. A good twist to the classic one. 


Kheema Pav  – A spicy Kheema dish  with buttered Pav, we loved it and i just relish  the combination. Perfectly made, a winner for me.


Chicken Dhansak – A creamy dhansak with boneless pieces of chicken served with sweet rice. The gravy went perfectly well with the rice and left us craving for more.


Salli Boti – Crispy potato chips with spicy gravy was my another personal favorite. The crispy chips made the dish even better and succulent pieces of mutton did the trick for us.


Lagun Nu  Custard  –  The dish looked like a masterpiece. The chef made the classic Lagun nu custard look great. It not only looked great but also tasted amazing. The custard with caramel is the best way one can finish his meal and we did that with ours.




Do not miss this festival, all month long till the end of August 2017.

Dinshaws Xpress Cafe

North Main Road, Lane no 6, Koregaon Park. Pune 1.

Phone no – 020 32333212






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