Pandora Gastronomy and Bar

Pandora Gastronomy and Bar opens its doors to Pune by the end of this month, we were invited for a preview with Chef Ajay Chopra showing his mastery to us in what he does best, food.

At the end of this gastronomic evening ,one thing was certain , this place will remain in one of the finest places to dine in Pune.

The ingredients, presentations and the taste lingered with us long after the evening ended.



Tuna bhel – A bhel which was too good . Bhel served on dry ice and topped with balsamic vinegar pearls. It had a taste of tuna which surprisingly did go well with the flavour of the bhel.


Som Tam Salad- Prawns served on a bed of salad. A salad lovers must have dish . The prawns were simply flavoured with lemon and some herbs which complimented the cold salad.

Sun-dried Tomato and Falafel Pockets – Pita bread stuffed with falafel and salad was amazingly delicious . It was presented in the authentic style with a pita pocket. The pita was stuffed with creamy salad, sun-dried tomato and falafel.

Kaffir Lime Chicken Tikka- The chicken Tikka with kaffir lime was just mouth-watering. The rice crisp on the top added to the texture of the dish and the use of kaffir lime gave it the sour flavour it needed to complete the dish.

Hot Bean Prawn Rocks – The showstopper of Pandora. We couldn’t leave Pandora without having another plate of this outstanding dish. Tiger prawns fried in tempura batter and tossed in hot bean sauce. The prawns could not be more fresh and the dish cannot be described in words. It was simply fabulous and a must have .

Malabar Tarts – Freshly baked tarts filled with tangy chicken filling. The dish sounds simple yet the flavour can’t be more complex. The simple flavour of the tarts and cutting it by the outstanding tangy flavour of the filling.

Chicken and Black Pepper Dimsums – The dimsums were served with a chutney and chilli sauce. The dimsums coating was perfect and not very thick. The filling was not bland and had a good flavour of the spices. The sauce added tremendous flavour to the dish.

Dilliwala Butter Chicken – Butter chicken is a dish with is a popular dish in all the restaurants but here it stands out as the butter chicken is creamy and the naan goes just perfectly well with the gravy. The gravy of the butter chicken was outstanding and should be a must try.

Linguine Alio Olio Pepperoncino – Simply perfect. The dish was my personal favorite as the prawns were simply outstanding. The noodles were stir fried in olive oil and it melted in my mouth as soon as it touched my palate.

Sri Lankan Curry – A wholesome meal in itself. The Sri Lankan curry had some exotic vegetables which added to the flavour. The curry has to be enjoyed with jasmine rice. The richness of the curry and the sweetness of the rice simply outstanding!!!

Jalebi Mille Fuille – A great combination for a dessert. The chef played with the ingredients he had and offered an amazingly constructed dish. The sweetness of the Jalebi was reduced by the bitterness of the dark chocolate along with the rose creme used to hold the masterpiece together.


Phirni Parfait – A classic phirni topped with rose caviar. A nice looking dish. The magic was added when the rose was dipped in dry ice and crushed on the dessert. It just added to the beauty of the dish.

Japanese Cloud – A very light dessert like a fluffy cheesecake. It was an outstanding dessert .

Left to Right – Aliasgar M, Mohammad M , Farzana M and Chef Ajay Chopra .

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