Chef’s Lunch Menu at Farzi Cafe


We were invited for the Chef’s Lunch Menu at Farzi Cafe and it excited us so much as we knew Farzi would not disappoint , a beautiful afternoon and  a light drizzle with some amazing food made it an afternoon worth remembering .


Getting started …



The newly launched Chef’s Lunch Menu




Mishti Doi  = A palate cleanser which is made with the technique of Spherification. It actually bursts in your mouth.



Mini Raj Kachori, Crispy Okra Salad  + Chutney  Foam  = A dish which is a visual treat . Crispy kachori with gives you a crackling feeling when broken with the spoon. The okra salad compliments the dish and adds to the crispy texture and to complete the dish is the chutney foam which adds flavour to the salad.


Grainy Mustard Fish Tikka + Kasudi Mint Cream  = The fish tikka and mustard is a classic combination enjoyed by the food lovers   . A strong mustard taste which goes well with the succulent  fish tikka and mint cream.


Dal Chawal Aranchini = If  you are visiting Farzi Cafe and have not had this dish then I think you have missed something . The dal chawal aranchini was a dish which kept me craving for a few days.

IMG_0604 Bhatti ka Murg = Succulent chicken with favoured mayo. Bhatti ka murg is a must try if you like Chicken Tikka. Bhatti ka murg was a melt in the mouth creation. Simply awesome.



Khandvi Sorbet = A palate cleanser offered after the starters. A sorbet which I could never imagine or describe , you need to experience it yourself .


C. T. M. – Chicken Tikka Masala = It was served in a telephone booth. It was served with cheese naan which needs no introduction. Cheesy naan and creamy tikka gravy a match made in Farzi’s heaven. 



Prawn Chettinad = One of my favorite dishes. Loved the prawns, fresh and the rich gravy filled with flavors ,didn’t need the rice  as was gorging only on Prawns.


Warm Suji Halwa and Banana Syrup Cake  and Saffron and Pistachio Ice cream  = A twist in the classic halwa preparation which I have eaten earlier . Warm halwa goes well with the ice cream and kept me in Farzi’s heaven .




Parle G Cheese Cake , Milk  and  Custard , Cookie  Dough Essence  = When i ate this , i feel Farzi cafe did it full justice. The dish took me on a nostalgic trip to my childhood and the gems put a smile on my face.



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