Magnum Opus

World Cuisine on the Platter

With Bay Leaf Bistro and Magnum Opus , Pimple Saudagar has a new and much awaited destination for World Cuisine .

So along with Bay leaf Bistro  , Magnum Opus , a fine dine restaurant serving both vegetarian and non vegetarian food has been launched . This terrace garden restaurant is beautiful and gives a very warm and chic look.




Magnum Opus will serve both veg and non veg delicacies from world cuisine including North Indian food, Continental , Thai , Chinese , Mexican amongst others. The food will be serve a’la carte as well as in the form of serving buffet in the afternoon and elaborate buffet at night . This promises to be a nice place to spend your evenings in an open air as well as in a dining area to unwind yourself from the hustle & bustle of the crowded Pune city.


Murg Nigam Tikka.


Jalapeño Cheese Ball.


Dreams of Heaven.


Char Grilled Prawns.


Anjeer Kebabs.

Were some of the dishes we tried when we were invited for the soft launch.

Picture credits –  SAPROM.

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