Easy Meat.

Now a days you get everything at a click of a mouse from vegetables,  clothes,  food and now raw meat and fish.


EasyMeat is a Pune based meat sourcing platform which delivers fresh chicken, mutton and seafood cleaned and customised according to the customers requirement at their doorstep . They have a in-house marinated meat section which is made using homemade spices and olive oil, the marinations include
Tandoori, Garlic pepper, Goan Style, Kasoori Methi and more.

This December on the 15th, they will also be launching celebrity chef marinations featuring chefs from Pune’s top restaurants – Olive Bistro, Syrakko and StreetMeat and many more. So you could have restaurant styled food in the comfort of your house.

So when we were asked by easy meat to review one of their products , we decided to experiment with Black Pomfret in Tandoori marination and Goan style marination.





The conclusion we arrived at with this experience is that delivery is done in an attractive packing which is pleasing to the eyes , no smell. Delivery time is punctual and the site is easy to use.

Grilling it for lunch and devouring it in less than record time made us wanting more of it.


We would suggest give it a try and experience it for yourself and yes do share the feedback here.

More about Easy Meat

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