The Flour Works…

The Flour Works is in Kalyani Nagar near Jogger’s Park and ICICI Bank. It is a beautiful place with outdoor seating and a pet friendly restaurant.  Opened 4 years back by  Meeta Makhecha. It is an easy-going, warm,  friendly place for a dinner, lunch or just coffee. You could just walk in your pyjamas and no one will bat an eyelid. Extremely busy on a weekday speaks volumes about the place.

So when we were invited for a food review, I was looking forward to a fun and a foodie evening.

Started the meal with prawns with lemon garlic butter sauce.


Excellent preparation , fresh and melt in the mouth Prawns


Stir fried Buffalo meat with Balsamic Vinaigrette was well prepared and the meat was tender and juicy.



For Mains we ordered the  red snapper, pan seared with lemon caper sauce,  this one was easily the highlight because it was so divine , the perfect blend of lemon infused in the snapper made it so  special.



Chicken Roulade, chicken stuffed with roasted mushrooms and blue cheese was too well prepared. Sautéed Spinach accompanied it with potato wedges.



Now the deserts which are supposed to be top-notch here and they did not disappoint at all.  We asked for Chocolate Terrine,  heavenly Dark Belgian Chocolate served with Vanilla pastry cream and Caramel sauce and the Custard  Quartet,  a combination of 4. Now the chocolate is so so good and gooey that the Custard Quartet becomes pale in comparison, which is no fault because that too is good in its own way.


We would go back for the Belgian Chocolate and the Snapper.

It was a super evening,  the effort and the passion was present in the dishes served. All Kudos to Chef Meeta and her  team.

More about The Flour Works

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