Singapore-Malay Festival at JW Marriott.

Chef Khairuzzaman Bin Ahmad Hadzri and Mr. Mohd Afiq Bin Tamdzis, two talented chefs from Singapore  have been specially invited by J W Marriott Hotel Pune to present the authentic taste of Singaporean and Malaysian Food to Pune.

The festival is taking place at 2 restaurants – Shakahari and Spice Kitchen and it’s a roaring success so far because of the effort put by these talented chefs. The taste of various cultures like Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Indian and Malaysian is amazingly present in the food.

Serving specially selected delicacies in the festival like Chicken Rendang, Gado Gado, Penang Rojak, Sambal Eggplant or Sambal Terung, Sayur Lodeh, Temptu Sayran, Tahu Bakar, Chicken Satay, Hainan Chicken Rice, Kari Sayur Campur, Char Kuay Teow and Sayur Lodeh .

imageSayur Lodeh



Penang Rojakimage

Chicken Rendangimage

Gado Gadoimage


Sambal Eggplantimage

Chef Mohd Afiq Bin Tamdzisa

Chef Khairuzzaman Bin Ahmad Hadzri


So indulge into the south-east Asian experience from 20th November to  5th December  for Dinners from 7pm onwards.

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