Toss Sports Lounge

Toss Sports Lounge is one of the most interesting concept lounge in Pune,  it is very well decorated with cricket memorabilia collected over the years by its owner Zaheer Khan and his brother ,  spacious and very comfortable to spend an evening over cricket,  sports and food.




Most interesting is a huge cricket ball right in the middle of the ceiling.


The food here is not neglected over Cricket as its much better than most lounges in Pune.

This is not a food review but we were invited on a monsoon evening for a party to celebrate the end of monsoons.

These kind of parties are fun as you can just sit, relax and enjoy.

Attended by bloggers,  media personals,  celebrities and Pune’s known people it was fun as most of the people know each other, so conversations rule the night over delicious finger food, salads and my favourite Chocolate Brownies.

Thanks to the Khans for this special evening.

Special thanks to Carpe Diem team,  Shivangi,  Carina and Minoti for managing and executing the evening so wonderfully.

More about TOSS Sports Lounge

Some of our live Tweets and FaceBook updates.


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