The Basil Deck

As you walk in The Basil Deck, you are impressed by the warm interiors of the restaurant. It is located in The Abc Farms, Koregaon Park….


We start with Zucchini Suppa which was quite a good one to start your meal with, a distinctive and different taste to it. Freshly Prepared ….


Appetizers were Creole cottage cheese which was excellent , the other Rani ki Farmaaish was a slight disappointment because of its fried texture  so the desired taste was missing…



Main Course was a Paneer Shashlik Sizzler which was again freshly prepared with a mix of vegetables, sauces and noodles  , sizzler normally you would prefer with Meat, we had never had a veg one  but this is a must try.


Desserts the Nutella Fondue was a straight away hit and the Chocolate Fantasy a Sin ……….


Overall would we go back, yes we would.

More about THE Basil Deck

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