Ask Me Foodies Meet Up did a Foodies Meet Up in Pune on the 28th of March 2015 at Le Meridien, Pune.
It was a casual set up which started with an interaction with the Askme team followed by a fun food tasting session with an elaborate menu from the finest chefs at The Feast Restaurant. Among other activities was a food photography session and a contest with an interesting gratification.
Ask Me has an app where you can ask anything , related to food too so basically it was an event related to food and interaction.

Since the Concept was of “interaction” for this feast so you could ask the Chef about food, ingredients, plating  etc followed by a food photography work shop , some of the things explained to us related to food photography were about the shutter speed , Low light photography.Tools to take to restaurants , also tips like one side foil other side white paper stuck on piece of cardboard for ideal food photography.Find a place to rest your elbows, light source at angle such that light skims the top of the food, glazing food with butter or olive oil to make it look good.

The lunch was very elaborate, Some of the dishes served were Asparagus and smoked turkey quiche (Asparagus and smoked turkey quiche – Wood smoked turkey and fresh Asparagus along with cheese stuffed into small egg pie quiches)

Sugarcane lamb squares (Grilled lamb rolled and pressed into sugarcane skewer)

Salmon sushi (Japanese rice and salmon mixture rolled up in a noori sheet along with fresh vegetables)

Chicken Sashlik (Chicken pieces are weaved on skewers and grilled on hot charcoal)

Japanese pickled radish sushi (Sour pickled radish mixed with rice and rolled up into Japanese sushi rolls)

Thai corn cake (Fried corn cakes served along with sweet and sour dipping sauce)

Fatayer (Arab meat pie pastries stuffed with spinach and cheese)

Creamy Mushroom and chives vol-au vent (Vol au vent cases topped with creamy seasoned mushrooms, sprinkled with a hint of chive leaves)

Shawarma (Levantine Arab meat preparation where grilled meat is tenderly sliced and stuffed into pita bread or wrap)

Chocolate Fountain (Chocolate fondue)

Salt crusted red snapper (Whole snapper fish salt crusted and baked)

Mexican counter

Steamed Seabass (Steamed sea  bass cooked in spring onions, chilli, ginger and coriander on white rice)
Braised lamb Shank

Saffron polenta (Spicy Italian Preparation)

Coq au-vin (Is a French dish of chicken braised with wine, lardons, and mushrooms)

Roasted vegetables Lasagna (Roasted Vegetables slowly baked on wide spread pasta along with cheese)

Prawns in butter garlic sauce (Prawns cooked in butter, garlic, lemon juice and parsley)

Chicken dim-sum (Steamed Chinese dumplings stuffed with chicken filling)

Vegetable Dim-sum (Steamed Chinese dumplings stuffed with chicken filling)

Hokkien fried noodles (A dish in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine that has its origins in the cuisine
of China’s Fujian Hokkien province, fried noodles cooked along with vegetables)

Coconut egg custard [mix fruits] (Thick, creamy and wonderfully sweet custard pie filled with lots of coconut)

Baked cheese cake with blueberry compote (Thick and creamy baked American cheesecake
with a chunky blueberry compote)

Strawberry cupcake colorful Beasley

Lemon meringue tart (Lemon meringue is a tart topped with a layer of layer of meringue)

Gateaux togarashi

Chocolate praline mousse (Chocolate mousse studded with praline and chocolate chunks)

Cream Brulee with ginger candy (Crème brûlée is a custard that’s baked in the oven, chilled until
firm, and finally covered with a thin crackling crust of caramelized sugar)

Walnut pie (Fresh chopped walnuts, in a custardy base, sweetened with maple syrup)


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