Margarita Deck – Gourmet it Up

Margarita Deck located in Kalyani Nagar above The Ship in Fortaleza Building is a Nice , Cozy open restaurant with good music, attentive service and is famous for its mexican cuisine, so for the final installment of the Gourmetit Up Followthefoodie event  we were invited to try their 3 course Mexican Fiesta.




For Starters we had Fiery Chicken Wings, Chicken drumettes fried and smothered with a spicy Mexican barbecue sauce and B Falutas, Rolled up tortilla deep-fried served with chipotle salsa, pico de gallo, sour cream and lettuce, both the dishes were very well prepared .



Mains we opted for Lamb Barbacoa, real Juicy tender meat that falls off the bone, infused with a rustic, smoky flavor and a jungle like fragrance and Spicy Chicken Quesedilla, made with flour or a corn tortilla filled with a savory mixture containing cheese and other ingredients, half moon shaped.  Delicious.



Desserts were simply awesome with Churros, Mexican donuts tossed in cinnamon sugar served with chocolate sauce and Chocolate Nachos,Tortilla chips sprinkled with cinnamon sugar served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.


Would i go back? definitely, a must go.

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and Margarita Deck



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