Rangeela Rajasthan

Salsa , A fine dining restaurant situated in the premises of Corinthians club is having a Rangeela Rajasthan festival, delicacies from Rajasthan, so when we had a chance to experience it , we were quite excited.


So the course stared with Gud Imli ki Kanji ( Nice)


and Gulabi Ki Lassi


followed by Appetizers like Khasta Pyaaz Ki Kachori ( Quite Good)


Murg Badami ( Nice presentation) ,


Tawe Ki Machhli


and Hare Moong Ke Roll.


Main Course was a variety of Veg Dishes Like Aloo Ki Katri, Gatta Curry, Baghari Dal and Non Veg was Dahi Maas ( Good) and Murgh ka Mokul.


Desserts were Anjeer Katri ( Good ), Mali Chamcham, Badam Halwa (Good) and Ice Cream.


Overall a good experience, Priced reasonably at Rs 750 per person.

For those who can’t  go to Rajasthan to experience the local food can go here.

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