The Brooklyn Shuffle

This is my fourth review/post for The Brooklyn Shuffle on my blog, I have been there many more times besides that and I must say that till today I have never been disappointed.



The service is very important for me, sometimes more than the food, in this aspect it excels every time, the ambiance and the food compliment it further.



So when my friend and the Pr for the place Saurabh invited me for their new menu addition where they have come up with some fantastic main dishes  , it was a pleasure to attend.


We started with Greek Salad and Potato Wedges  to warm up.



Then we ordered the Little Fellas , The Classic Beef  and Fried Chicken which was excellent.



Now for the Mains which they are planning to add in the menu in the coming week or so.

The Veg Au Gratin .


My personal favorite the Beef Steak with Pearl Onion Jus which was heavenly


And last but not the least The Roast Chicken with Mushroom Sauce……..


Top it up with their winner Desserts

The Chocolate brownie


And the Oreo Chesse Cake  ……


The Brooklyn Shuffle is an all day diner where you can hangout with your friends or just by yourself  , you can grab a book and read too.

Its located  at 390, Sanskruti Lifestyle Complex, Opposite Post 91, Lane 7, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra.






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