Italian Cookout at Prego, The Westin Hotel, Pune.

GourmetItUp and FBAI’s recently hosted the Italian Cookout in Pune at Prego, The Westin Hotel, Pune.

The culinary web portal and online concierge service, GourmetItUp which had  recently launched in the bustling city of Pune had it’s first hands-­-on Blogger’s Masterclass and we were a part of it.

Head Chef Giuseppe Lioce. addressed the prominent food bloggers and media personnel.
Some of the dishes that were tossed up by the bloggers included the delightfully saucy Eggplant Parmigiana, an extremely flavorful Insalata de Gorgonzola e pera, fresh handmade Maltagliati pasta and finally a Mini Calzone with Nutella for dessert.

We had fun cooking along with the Chef and tasting our own creations.


IMG_5944-001 IMG_5945-001 IMG_5947-001 IMG_5955-001 IMG_5960-001 IMG_5962-001 IMG_5968-001 IMG_5969-001 IMG_5973-001 IMG_5975-001 IMG_5978-001 IMG_5999-001 IMG_6007-001 IMG_6009-001 IMG_6012-001 IMG_6017-001 IMG_6019-001

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