121 Kitchen:BarBQ

Food-Adda was invited by Fbai to  121 Kitchen: BarBQ  for its Kebab and Biryani Festival.

Now 121 is a good one hour drive from where we stay but the festival sounded interesting so we decided to try it out.
Happy to say we were not disappointed,  overall the spread was outstanding and the service, ambiance were top-notch too.
Some dishes worth mentioning are Tetsi Kebab, Red Kidney Kebab and the Mumbai Biryani.

Would we go back ? Yes.


Address 121 Kitchen

241/1, Thergaon Road, Wakad, Pune



IMG_6103-001 IMG_6110-001 IMG_6111-001 IMG_6115-001 IMG_6117-001 IMG_6118-001 IMG_6119-001 IMG_6121-001 IMG_6123-001 IMG_6127-001 IMG_6130-001 IMG_6135-001 IMG_6137-001

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