Barbeque at Garade.


Garade is a small village not very far from Pune where people have suddenly woken up to buying Farm House plots , luckily the beauty of the place is still Intact.

One of my friends has a Farm house and he had invited us over for the weekend, so we decided to have a foodies night there and what better way to start with the Bhel above, there is a shop there which sells this amazing Sukka bhel which is just too good.

The below picture was of fresh made Wadas in the kitchen by the local help there. Yummy.


In the night I had marinated Chicken legs for the barbeque, so getting the barbeque grill ready .



Actually we had made Mutton Rassa too over there but in the hunger and the way we gobbled it , I forgot to click the pictures.

So we really had a great time and am looking forward to go in the monsoons again when its more beautiful and green.

Till then Bye.


10 thoughts on “Barbeque at Garade.

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