Manas Holiday Resort.

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Any person living in Pune must be aware of Manas Resort, it was one of the first resorts in Pune which was a complete family destination and a full house on the weekends , over the years a steady decline for reasons not known to me made it an almost forgotten place but when my friend and his partners decided to revamp the place and reclaim its former glory, i decided to check it out with my partner in crime and fellow Food-Adda mates.

The place retains its beauty and the lake in your sight make it a pleasant evening for dinner and conversations.

The food served is authentic and fresh, specially i recommend the Mutton Sukka which is made in a Maharashtrian Style. I managed to have quite  a bit of that.

It could be more beautiful in the day as the nature surrounding it is amazing but the night too was mesmerizing for us.

A must visit just for the food, Nature , lake and fresh air comes as a bonus.

Picture Credits – Manas Resorts.


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