Hotel Gavran Kolhapur.

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What Happens when 10 hungry people just go to eat food at its best, no frills no fancies only authentic Kolhapuri Food.

They usually order more than they can eat and then they parcel it and eat it the next day too. That is what we did.

Home cooked food served piping hot and fresh, was a delight and we Food-Adda members enjoyed it to the hilt.

Address Hotel Gavran Kolhapur.

Near Ganga Constella, Kharadi, Pune.

(Food-Adda.Com and its members Paid for the meal)


22 thoughts on “Hotel Gavran Kolhapur.

  1. You are always welcome to our Hotel Gavran Kolhapuri. We provide genuine Kolhapuri foods because we are native from Kolhapur rural area. The food is made in home made masala and very good quality raw material.


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