Launch of Secret Recipes

Over the past 3 years, the food & beverage at JW Marriott Pune has set some very high standards and achieved benchmarks that were unheard of in Pune.

In particular, the appreciation and response that they have received for the food across all restaurants is overwhelming. This resulted in JW Marriott Pune achieving the highest Food & Beverage revenue amongst Marriott hotels in Asia Pacific coupled with multiple international & domestic awards for food excellence.

These achievements prompted them to conceptualize a culinary book called ‘Secret Recipes’. The book features some of the most famous recipes in the hotel by their expert chefs. The intent is to make this a very premium coffee table book that will have a huge aspirational value amongst or local and international patrons

We were delighted to be invited to JW Marrriott Pune on Sunday for the launch of the book.

The book launch was done by the hands of noted food critique Kunal Vijaykar and Mr. Atul Chordia.

Overall it was a fantastic afternoon, filled with music , delicious food in the company of who’s who of Pune . — at JW Marriott Hotel, Pune

IMG_4775 IMG_4776 IMG_4777 IMG_4778 IMG_4780 IMG_4781 IMG_4784 IMG_4785 IMG_4787 IMG_4791 IMG_4792 IMG_4793 IMG_4795

With Chef Ajmal Salim and Mr Abhjit Chitnis with our Copy of Secret Recipes 20140309_142559

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