Hoppipola , Aundh, Pune

Hoppipola , the latest offering to the Pune’s restaurant scene, a trendy and colorful place opened this week in Aundh. Themed around a mix of Mediterranean with a bit of funk , it’s the current hot spot of Pune.

As soon as you enter , there is a positive vibe to the place buzzing with young happy people and equally young happy servers and Managers.

The food and Beverages are priced quite reasonably, and the most important part quite up market , the food is delicious and Fresh and innovative ideas make all the dishes a winner and yes it does not pinch your pocket, Oh what a relief in today’s times.

Lot’s of new ideas like the letter box where a letter can change hands with a new unknown friend in some other restaurant of theirs, like a pen pal, long forgotten in the age of Facebook, i would want to write one and make a friend.

Lot’s of games to be played too and equal fun evening if you visit in a large group or just a couple of you.

Would we go there again? Yes 100 % .

Address Next to Mainland China , ITI Rd, Sanewadi, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007














4 thoughts on “Hoppipola , Aundh, Pune

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