The Bombay Bronx.


The latest hot spot in Pune in decor and food is the outstanding BOMBAY BRONX , from amchi Mumbai its travelled to amchi Pune and how, the decor takes you back to Mumbai and its different aspects like the piegons ( Kabutar Khana) , Dabbas ( Dabbawallas), Dharavi corner , Local trains handles.


Dhobi Ghat, Paanwalla kiosk and last but not the least Mr Amitabh Bachan…….in his coolie avataar.


Food on the other hands wins and wins because of the variety of street food served restaurant style, awesome presentation , quantity and taste rule.

To start off was the Ice Peru Mocktail , for this alone you need to take the trip .


Aam Panna Mocktail followed .


Stuffed Basa Thecha was a good preparation.


Dhokla pakoda is their signature styled dish.


Dongri Gali Thali was my favourite , the Bhuna mutton gravy was outstanding in it. Chicken roll was tender and street style Baida Roti and Dongri Mutton Sandwich ( Naan Chaap Mumbai styled ) Don’t Miss this.


To finish our dinner we had the Fish Masala fingers.


Only had one regret , no Desserts were available for dinner.

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Butterfly High

A new lounge / fine dining restaurant by the name of Butterfly High has opened in Viman Nagar.

Trendy and colourful interiors adorn the place,  Ideal for a couple or a large group gathering. in association with Butterfly High invited select media personals and bloggers of Pune for a review and it was a fantastic evening spend with the group with the elaborate spread of food dished out.



We Started with Mushrooms



Lamb Chops were delicious.




Satay Chicken




Melon Mocktail, ideal for summer



Mixed Olives





Olive Bruschetta




Chicken Wings, Delicious



Kheema Pav, ideal for a late night after partying.





Chicken Stroganoff




Kathi Roll…….



Pizza Margarita



Gulab Jamun and Vanilla Ice cream




Overall a Fun-Tastic place, would i go again, definitely ……….Yes.


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Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa

Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa had an event recently where the students had prepared a lavish lunch for parents, future students and select media people. It was a fun event where we got a chance to interact with them, have a feel about the campus and the culture, it was a day event where live cooking and lots of activities were planned around it, we were excited to be  shown around the campus too.











Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa is a hospitality management college of excellence with the academic certification from the finest and oldest hospitality school – Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne of Switzerland. Already establishing new benchmarks of excellence in hospitality education in India, Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa will nurture the best-in-class professionals, hospitality leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow with its unique curriculum, highly specialized learning facilitators and state-of-the-art facilities, from sports academies to adventure sports, amateur astronomy to fine arts. It provides a balanced mix of business and hospitality education.

Ask Me Foodies Meet Up did a Foodies Meet Up in Pune on the 28th of March 2015 at Le Meridien, Pune.
It was a casual set up which started with an interaction with the Askme team followed by a fun food tasting session with an elaborate menu from the finest chefs at The Feast Restaurant. Among other activities was a food photography session and a contest with an interesting gratification.
Ask Me has an app where you can ask anything , related to food too so basically it was an event related to food and interaction.

Since the Concept was of “interaction” for this feast so you could ask the Chef about food, ingredients, plating  etc followed by a food photography work shop , some of the things explained to us related to food photography were about the shutter speed , Low light photography.Tools to take to restaurants , also tips like one side foil other side white paper stuck on piece of cardboard for ideal food photography.Find a place to rest your elbows, light source at angle such that light skims the top of the food, glazing food with butter or olive oil to make it look good.

The lunch was very elaborate, Some of the dishes served were Asparagus and smoked turkey quiche (Asparagus and smoked turkey quiche – Wood smoked turkey and fresh Asparagus along with cheese stuffed into small egg pie quiches)

Sugarcane lamb squares (Grilled lamb rolled and pressed into sugarcane skewer)

Salmon sushi (Japanese rice and salmon mixture rolled up in a noori sheet along with fresh vegetables)

Chicken Sashlik (Chicken pieces are weaved on skewers and grilled on hot charcoal)

Japanese pickled radish sushi (Sour pickled radish mixed with rice and rolled up into Japanese sushi rolls)

Thai corn cake (Fried corn cakes served along with sweet and sour dipping sauce)

Fatayer (Arab meat pie pastries stuffed with spinach and cheese)

Creamy Mushroom and chives vol-au vent (Vol au vent cases topped with creamy seasoned mushrooms, sprinkled with a hint of chive leaves)

Shawarma (Levantine Arab meat preparation where grilled meat is tenderly sliced and stuffed into pita bread or wrap)

Chocolate Fountain (Chocolate fondue)

Salt crusted red snapper (Whole snapper fish salt crusted and baked)

Mexican counter

Steamed Seabass (Steamed sea  bass cooked in spring onions, chilli, ginger and coriander on white rice)
Braised lamb Shank

Saffron polenta (Spicy Italian Preparation)

Coq au-vin (Is a French dish of chicken braised with wine, lardons, and mushrooms)

Roasted vegetables Lasagna (Roasted Vegetables slowly baked on wide spread pasta along with cheese)

Prawns in butter garlic sauce (Prawns cooked in butter, garlic, lemon juice and parsley)

Chicken dim-sum (Steamed Chinese dumplings stuffed with chicken filling)

Vegetable Dim-sum (Steamed Chinese dumplings stuffed with chicken filling)

Hokkien fried noodles (A dish in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine that has its origins in the cuisine
of China’s Fujian Hokkien province, fried noodles cooked along with vegetables)

Coconut egg custard [mix fruits] (Thick, creamy and wonderfully sweet custard pie filled with lots of coconut)

Baked cheese cake with blueberry compote (Thick and creamy baked American cheesecake
with a chunky blueberry compote)

Strawberry cupcake colorful Beasley

Lemon meringue tart (Lemon meringue is a tart topped with a layer of layer of meringue)

Gateaux togarashi

Chocolate praline mousse (Chocolate mousse studded with praline and chocolate chunks)

Cream Brulee with ginger candy (Crème brûlée is a custard that’s baked in the oven, chilled until
firm, and finally covered with a thin crackling crust of caramelized sugar)

Walnut pie (Fresh chopped walnuts, in a custardy base, sweetened with maple syrup)


Peroni Nastro Azzurro brings Aperitivo Evenings to Mumbai at Palladium Hotel

1st April, 2015 Mumbai: Peroni Nastro Azzurro hosted an exclusive Aperitivo evening, to relish the old Italian culture in the company of masterpieces by renowned and  stylish Italian painter and sculpture – ‘Shola Carletti’ at Palladium Hotel in Mumbai. This star studded evening resonated perfectly with the stylish Italian way of life and the culture of friends having great conversation over the premium beer. The guests at the party were given a preview of the work by Shola Carletti. The Chef, created a range of exclusive scrumptious Italian dishes to accompany and compliment the unique taste of Peroni Nastro Azzurro. The evening saw prominent  personalities and celebrities such as  Shibani Kashyap, Aanchal Kumar, Rocky S, Sana Saeed, Ekta Kapoor, Preeti Desai, Zaheer Khan, Mona Singh, to name a few. The stylist guests were seen enjoying the Aperitivo evening hosted by Peroni where the aperitifs were made with some of the freshest of Italian ingredients to please even the most discerning of palates. About Peroni Nastro Azzurro: Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a crisp and refreshing beer with an unmistakable Italian taste and is one of the most successful Premium beer brands in the world and a true star in the SABMiller brand portfolio. Peroni is a truly international brand with a presence across six different continents. Its key markets include the UK, USA, Australia and South Africa as well as Canada, India, Russia, Colombia, France, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai and of course its home country Italy. Website:

Press Release.


Margarita Deck – Gourmet it Up

Margarita Deck located in Kalyani Nagar above The Ship in Fortaleza Building is a Nice , Cozy open restaurant with good music, attentive service and is famous for its mexican cuisine, so for the final installment of the Gourmetit Up Followthefoodie event  we were invited to try their 3 course Mexican Fiesta.




For Starters we had Fiery Chicken Wings, Chicken drumettes fried and smothered with a spicy Mexican barbecue sauce and B Falutas, Rolled up tortilla deep-fried served with chipotle salsa, pico de gallo, sour cream and lettuce, both the dishes were very well prepared .



Mains we opted for Lamb Barbacoa, real Juicy tender meat that falls off the bone, infused with a rustic, smoky flavor and a jungle like fragrance and Spicy Chicken Quesedilla, made with flour or a corn tortilla filled with a savory mixture containing cheese and other ingredients, half moon shaped.  Delicious.



Desserts were simply awesome with Churros, Mexican donuts tossed in cinnamon sugar served with chocolate sauce and Chocolate Nachos,Tortilla chips sprinkled with cinnamon sugar served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.


Would i go back? definitely, a must go.

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and Margarita Deck



Krustys, A Gourmet It Up Experience

Pune has a  new all day bistro in Koregaon Park , Krustys Usp is modern European cuisine. So when GourmetIt Up who offer  fine dining experiences across Mumbai, Delhi and Pune  with leading restaurants planned a #FollowTheFoodie journey with us, we were excited to be on board and thus the review for Krustys.


We decided to go for the four course meal which started with Roasted Red Beet Salad, amazingly fresh with Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette,Granny Smith Apples & Candied Walnuts.


For the Appetizer we opted for the Batter fried fish in tartare sauce, this was very well prepared.


Next for the mains we decided to go with Lemon Rosemary Infused Grilled Chicken Breast with Roast Jus


and to finish with the heavenly dessert White Chocolate & Coconut Cheesecake, it was delicious.


For More details on GourmetIt Up have a look at their WebSite, More about Krustys on their FaceBook page.