Toss Sports Lounge

Toss Sports Lounge is one of the most interesting concept lounge in Pune,  it is very well decorated with cricket memorabilia collected over the years by its owner Zaheer Khan and his brother ,  spacious and very comfortable to spend an evening over cricket,  sports and food.




Most interesting is a huge cricket ball right in the middle of the ceiling.


The food here is not neglected over Cricket as its much better than most lounges in Pune.

This is not a food review but we were invited on a monsoon evening for a party to celebrate the end of monsoons.

These kind of parties are fun as you can just sit, relax and enjoy.

Attended by bloggers,  media personals,  celebrities and Pune’s known people it was fun as most of the people know each other, so conversations rule the night over delicious finger food, salads and my favourite Chocolate Brownies.

Thanks to the Khans for this special evening.

Special thanks to Carpe Diem team,  Shivangi,  Carina and Minoti for managing and executing the evening so wonderfully.

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New Menu At Alto Vino

We were invited to JW Marriott in Pune for a new Menu tasting in their signature restaurant Alto Vino.


Spearheaded by Chef Huber Christian,  it’s a fine place to sample Italian finest gourmet in Pune.

We started with  Beetroot Carpaccio with herbs,  a freshly prepared salad.


Goat cheese croquettes with mushrooms was another winner ,  freshly made, infused with flavours and a delight to eat.


Pumpkin ravioli with Parmesan cheese was just about nice, guess it was too much of cheese.


Highlight of the evening is the signature dish,  the lamb shanks, tender meat falling from the bone, melt in the mouth, a must have on your visit there.


Desserts like tiramisu and chocolate fondue  ended the night on a very high note. Never disappoints.


A special thanks to Chef Huber and his team for his efforts.

Thanks to Hundred Percent and Priya Sharma.

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Frisco ………

A bloggers meet was organized at Frisco,  one of the new entrants in the ever-growing line of restaurants in Pune. Frisco is a quaint little cafe/ all day dining place in a by Lane in Koregaon Park.


We started with potato and leek soup with green wok salad,  freshly prepared and wonderful.


Starters like Thai sweet chili baby potatoes and Frisco nachos stood out  for the vegetarian fare.


Sicilian garlic chicken was infused with flavours , but  the dish that worked for me was Fish and Chips. Loved this one.


Verdure and Cornish chicken pizzas were excellent  followed by Mac &  cheese pasta.



One of the highlights was poached sea bass, this is a must have for the freshness, sauces and flavours, by this time we were so full that we could not do any justice to the last dish potato lentigiane.


Desserts are my favorites,  the blueberry cheese cake and brownie with ice cream.


Ps ask the chef for the ice cream soda,  a huge glass filled with goodness arrives.


Would I go back,  definitely.

Should you go,  definitely.

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A special thanks to the Carpe Diem team for inviting us, Minoti, Carina and Shivangi.

Thanks to the Frisco team for the effort.

The Basil Deck

As you walk in The Basil Deck, you are impressed by the warm interiors of the restaurant. It is located in The Abc Farms, Koregaon Park….


We start with Zucchini Suppa which was quite a good one to start your meal with, a distinctive and different taste to it. Freshly Prepared ….


Appetizers were Creole cottage cheese which was excellent , the other Rani ki Farmaaish was a slight disappointment because of its fried texture  so the desired taste was missing…



Main Course was a Paneer Shashlik Sizzler which was again freshly prepared with a mix of vegetables, sauces and noodles  , sizzler normally you would prefer with Meat, we had never had a veg one  but this is a must try.


Desserts the Nutella Fondue was a straight away hit and the Chocolate Fantasy a Sin ……….


Overall would we go back, yes we would.

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KFC Kitchen Tour event.

We were invited for a KFC kitchen tour event
Talking points-

The Kitchen
1) Super clean. They Scrub it every 30 minutes and what not. Gordon Ramsay will be pleased at least with how maintenance oriented they are in the kitchen..

2) Poles apart separation of veg from non veg products, utensils and staff as well the aprons.

3) Well trained kitchen staff and in sync with the serving staff. Sheer management and training keeps them on track.

4) Really fresh food even with all the frozen products and holding time. Doesn’t show as much as other retail outlets. Thankfully.

A Must visit if you get a chance.

Inputs by benish.augustine for Food-Adda, Mumbai.

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‘Maharashtra On A Platter’ by J W Marriott Hotel Pune

Savor the Kolhapuri Food at Spice Kitchen and Maharashtrian Thali at Shakahari


Pune, – 20th June 2015 – Think of Maharashtra and you just can’t miss the its super delicious food. Whether Kolhapuri or food from other parts of this state, Maharashtrian food is full of flavors, aromas and hotness. J W Marriott, Pune is all set to offer you this unique experience of ‘Maharashtrian Food’ through its regional food festival titled as ‘Maharashtra On A Platter’ till 28th June  2015.

The Festival will be a delight for the non vegetarians as well as the vegetarians and will be served for dinners from 7:00pm-11:00pm at Spice Kitchen and Shakahari. Spice Kitchen will feature Kolhapuri Cuisine with popular signatures while Shakahari would feature an exclusive Thali with a variety of Maharashtrian specialties.

Executive Chef Mayur Tiwari will bring to all foodies a gastronomic storm from Maharashtra with speciality drinks like Sol Kadi, Masala Tak, Kokum Sherbet to quench your thirst. The famous Kolhapuri Menu will have its unique and hot Kolhapuri Misal, Tambada and Pandhara Rassa, Sukke Mutton to accompany other main course dishes like Bharaleli Wangi, Walachi Usal and so on. This spicy and hot meal can be sweetly ended with the variety of Halwas made just for your sweet tooth.

So, come and relish the taste of the ‘Maharashtra On A Platter’ at J W Marriott Hotel Pune. Grab this opportunity to enjoy speciality food served in an authentic Maharashtrian style by the servers who are dressed in Maharashtrian attires.

Kindly note that during the festival Shakahari will be serving a set menu for guests who prefer to have Asian food and a Thali for guests opting for Indian.

The pricing during the festival will be as follows:

Spice Kitchen Buffet (Sunday  Thursday) : Rs.1250/- plus taxes

Spice Kitchen Buffet (Friday Saturday) : Rs.1350/- plus taxes


Shakahari Thali or Asian Set Menu (All meal periods) : Rs.1000/- plus taxes


For reservations please contact: 91.20.66833333

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11 East Street Cafe

In the busy city life and in the scorching heat, the location of the place is so so convenient, 11 East Street Cafe!


Understanding and feeling the temperature, the brunch menu is designed to have some beautiful mock tails.. The flavours so mild yet so strong and soothing.. the fruity caprioskas really add to the brunch!



The large variety of entrées is a treat for your taste buds..



Offering oriental, continental and Indian main course varieties let’s you chose from a wide range of dishes and when in a large group gives each one the freedom to choose what they please!

I would strongly recommend the Queen, Prince and King brunch at 11 East Street Cafe!


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The Event was covered by Murtaza Noorani and Mohammad Mukhtiar.

Pictures and written by Murtaza Noorani .