The Brooklyn Shuffle

This is my fourth review/post for The Brooklyn Shuffle on my blog, I have been there many more times besides that and I must say that till today I have never been disappointed.



The service is very important for me, sometimes more than the food, in this aspect it excels every time, the ambiance and the food compliment it further.



So when my friend and the Pr for the place Saurabh invited me for their new menu addition where they have come up with some fantastic main dishes  , it was a pleasure to attend.


We started with Greek Salad and Potato Wedges  to warm up.



Then we ordered the Little Fellas , The Classic Beef  and Fried Chicken which was excellent.



Now for the Mains which they are planning to add in the menu in the coming week or so.

The Veg Au Gratin .


My personal favorite the Beef Steak with Pearl Onion Jus which was heavenly


And last but not the least The Roast Chicken with Mushroom Sauce……..


Top it up with their winner Desserts

The Chocolate brownie


And the Oreo Chesse Cake  ……


The Brooklyn Shuffle is an all day diner where you can hangout with your friends or just by yourself  , you can grab a book and read too.

Its located  at 390, Sanskruti Lifestyle Complex, Opposite Post 91, Lane 7, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra.







 Krustys is an All Day Bistro & Bar in Koregaon Park serving Modern European food in a casual bistro style ambience that is contemporary, chic, yet, warm and relaxing. The restaurant chain has been started by INSEAD MBA and former FMCG marketer Rohhan Joshi, and, former CEO of Aptech’s International Business – Vidhiya Joshi. The core philosophy is to serve five star quality European cuisine at affordable prices.


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  1. French Beans and Grilled Chicken Salad with Orange Segments, Caramelized Almond Slivers and Passion Fruit Emulsion


  1. Lemon Rosemary Chicken with Spiced Mango Dip


  1. Black Olives, Sundried Tomato & Basil Pesto Stone Baked Pizza




  1. Slow Cooked Rustic Vegetable Cassoulet


  1. Fish en Papillote with Tomato Confit & Black Olives  (Fish cooked in a paper bag with white wine, garlic & capers; tomato confit; black olives)


  1. Lamb Bourguignon with Herb Pilaf  (Slow cooked boneless baby lamb braised in red wine with pearl onions and mushrooms)


  1. Sundried Tomato Caper & Duet of Olive Risotto




  1. Orange Centered Dark Chocolate Mousse with Caramelized Ginger & Orange Sauce


  1. 70% Belgian Dark Chocolate Fondant (infusion of mango & chilli) with Brandy Sauce


Sizzling succulence at Alto Vino


J W Marriott is a Landmark property in Pune, the minute you walk in you feel you have been transported to a luxurious heaven on earth…
Their signature Italian restaurant Alto Vino is a Premier dining place in Pune, spearheaded by their Chef Christian Huber who dishes out the most amazing Italian delicacies.
So when i received a call from Priya Sharma to try their Sizzling succulence festival where the Chef has created all the dishes  with Lamb , it was  a treat for us.
Having eaten at  Alto Vino a couple of times earlier and loving the signature dish Mutton Shanks so much that whenever the staff at Alto Vino come to know about our arrival , they sort of keep it ready.
Farzana and myself relished to the hilt this amazing Italian
festival along with Chef Christian Huber and savoured the well prepared Lamb dishes.
If you want to be treated like a King and Eat like one too , i suggest you head to Alto Vino at the earliest.
Have fun and Happy eating.
More about the hotel   JW Marriott ,
Alto Vino


Italian Cookout at Prego, The Westin Hotel, Pune.

GourmetItUp and FBAI’s recently hosted the Italian Cookout in Pune at Prego, The Westin Hotel, Pune.

The culinary web portal and online concierge service, GourmetItUp which had  recently launched in the bustling city of Pune had it’s first hands-­-on Blogger’s Masterclass and we were a part of it.

Head Chef Giuseppe Lioce. addressed the prominent food bloggers and media personnel.
Some of the dishes that were tossed up by the bloggers included the delightfully saucy Eggplant Parmigiana, an extremely flavorful Insalata de Gorgonzola e pera, fresh handmade Maltagliati pasta and finally a Mini Calzone with Nutella for dessert.

We had fun cooking along with the Chef and tasting our own creations.


IMG_5944-001 IMG_5945-001 IMG_5947-001 IMG_5955-001 IMG_5960-001 IMG_5962-001 IMG_5968-001 IMG_5969-001 IMG_5973-001 IMG_5975-001 IMG_5978-001 IMG_5999-001 IMG_6007-001 IMG_6009-001 IMG_6012-001 IMG_6017-001 IMG_6019-001

121 Kitchen:BarBQ

Food-Adda was invited by Fbai to  121 Kitchen: BarBQ  for its Kebab and Biryani Festival.

Now 121 is a good one hour drive from where we stay but the festival sounded interesting so we decided to try it out.
Happy to say we were not disappointed,  overall the spread was outstanding and the service, ambiance were top-notch too.
Some dishes worth mentioning are Tetsi Kebab, Red Kidney Kebab and the Mumbai Biryani.

Would we go back ? Yes.


Address 121 Kitchen

241/1, Thergaon Road, Wakad, Pune



IMG_6103-001 IMG_6110-001 IMG_6111-001 IMG_6115-001 IMG_6117-001 IMG_6118-001 IMG_6119-001 IMG_6121-001 IMG_6123-001 IMG_6127-001 IMG_6130-001 IMG_6135-001 IMG_6137-001

​Flavour of Southern Coastal Delicacies at Zambar ​

75321Dessert Platter (with the new desserts Warm Chocolate Cake, Bebinca, Ice cream)2Sali BotiSeafood Platter-Stuffed Squid rings, Crab Masala, Crab Cakes, Fish Fry @ Zambar-001

“Delicacies from real homes in South India to your plate” is how Chef Arun Kumar describes the menu at “ Zambar” . Brand Chef Arun Kumar TR dished out some of his favourites through a ‘tasting menu’ to give a preview of the new revamped menu to be launched at Zambar at Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar.

The new menu  includes Konkan Potato Wedges , Kerala Fish Fry , Kerala ‘tea shop’ Chili Chicken and Zambar Gun Powder Prawns amongst others. In an era where we see global cuisine and fusion food converging on Indian palates ,Zambar is dishing out authentic food from the four southern states viz Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka – a variety of vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes.  Appetisers include mini idlis, vadas with freshly ground chutneys. And of course the irrestible thalis: a veritable feast on a single plate along with hot appams & Malabar Parotas. The A la carte section has a selection of curries, favourites of the Chef and not to miss out, the famous Moplah Biryani. The desserts have the ever-popular Coconut Jaggery Pudding and a selection of ‘paysams’. And of course you can round it all off with the ‘metre’ south Indian filter coffee.

To add to it the  amazing ambience inspired by the typical houseboats lazing around the idyllic kerala backwaters takes you on a gastronomical trip along the Southern Coast .



Chef Arun is a man of many parts, not least of which is food. A passionate cook who specialises in coastal south Indian food, Arun has dedicated himself to the full-scale revival of the traditional, delicious home cuisine of this region, so rarely found in restaurants or hotels. Whether it is a dish of the simple sambhar, a complex Moplah biryani, or the irresistible bounty of the sea, it is Arun’s mission to bring the best food from the southern coast to discerning palates.

This St Stephen’s College graduate who has put in successful stints as a journalist and filmmaker, began his food innings by running a wildly popular pop-up restaurant, Ammi, in the Delhi winter months. Comprising a lavish buffet of over ten dishes, the pop-up would, well, pop up in the sunlit gardens of sprawling south Delhi bungalows or in spacious farmhouses on the outskirts of the city. This led to catering to exclusive Delhi gatherings.


Chef Arun now brings all his culinary zest and skills to Zambar to give you a food experience like no other.