​Flavour of Southern Coastal Delicacies at Zambar ​

75321Dessert Platter (with the new desserts Warm Chocolate Cake, Bebinca, Ice cream)2Sali BotiSeafood Platter-Stuffed Squid rings, Crab Masala, Crab Cakes, Fish Fry @ Zambar-001

“Delicacies from real homes in South India to your plate” is how Chef Arun Kumar describes the menu at “ Zambar” . Brand Chef Arun Kumar TR dished out some of his favourites through a ‘tasting menu’ to give a preview of the new revamped menu to be launched at Zambar at Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar.

The new menu  includes Konkan Potato Wedges , Kerala Fish Fry , Kerala ‘tea shop’ Chili Chicken and Zambar Gun Powder Prawns amongst others. In an era where we see global cuisine and fusion food converging on Indian palates ,Zambar is dishing out authentic food from the four southern states viz Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka – a variety of vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes.  Appetisers include mini idlis, vadas with freshly ground chutneys. And of course the irrestible thalis: a veritable feast on a single plate along with hot appams & Malabar Parotas. The A la carte section has a selection of curries, favourites of the Chef and not to miss out, the famous Moplah Biryani. The desserts have the ever-popular Coconut Jaggery Pudding and a selection of ‘paysams’. And of course you can round it all off with the ‘metre’ south Indian filter coffee.

To add to it the  amazing ambience inspired by the typical houseboats lazing around the idyllic kerala backwaters takes you on a gastronomical trip along the Southern Coast .



Chef Arun is a man of many parts, not least of which is food. A passionate cook who specialises in coastal south Indian food, Arun has dedicated himself to the full-scale revival of the traditional, delicious home cuisine of this region, so rarely found in restaurants or hotels. Whether it is a dish of the simple sambhar, a complex Moplah biryani, or the irresistible bounty of the sea, it is Arun’s mission to bring the best food from the southern coast to discerning palates.

This St Stephen’s College graduate who has put in successful stints as a journalist and filmmaker, began his food innings by running a wildly popular pop-up restaurant, Ammi, in the Delhi winter months. Comprising a lavish buffet of over ten dishes, the pop-up would, well, pop up in the sunlit gardens of sprawling south Delhi bungalows or in spacious farmhouses on the outskirts of the city. This led to catering to exclusive Delhi gatherings.


Chef Arun now brings all his culinary zest and skills to Zambar to give you a food experience like no other.


Stone Water Grill

We were invited for a  Preview of the New Menu at Stone Water Grill, Now if you are from Pune you know which place I am talking about . Stone Water does not need an introduction and yes it’s opened again.

This place was a place to be seen earlier and will be now too , if you were not here on the weekend then you have not partied , period.  The A Listers, celebs and the Who’s who of town were a part of it regularly and then one day it just closed down.

Now with a brand new look and a  futuristic interior and food which is truly international  I believe this place will go a longer way than before.

The menu crafted by the city’s very own culinary expert Chef Shailendra Kekade, aims at taking fusion cuisine to a different level all together.

So here it goes……….



- Light Tomato ‘Tea’ with Ginseng and Ginger

- Chilled Pomegranate Gazpacho

- Chicken and Mushroom Broth



- The Stone Water Greek

- Beetroot and Fennel with Mixed Leaves with mustard dressing, orange “chuunda”

- Charred Peaches with Baby Spinach with hazelnut nougat, coriander gremolata

- Soy Roast Duck and Water Chestnut with medicinal herbs and pomegranate


Small Plates

- Grilled Wasabi Cottage Cheese with papaya salsa

- Melon v/s Feta with reduced balsamic caramel


- Duet of Mozzarella and Smoked Norwegian Salmon with basil pesto and passion fruit vinegar

- Tenderloin Carpaccio “Three Way” pickled, smoked and tartare, almond flakes and parmesan

Wood Fired Pizza

- German Cheese Sausage and Garlic Krakauer

Pasta and Risotto

- Roasted Potato Gnocchi, Whey Emulsion with beetroot tmatcha, green peas, summer veggies

- Grilled Vegetable and Roasted Pepper Tortellini with crème fraiche, toasted garlic crumbs

Main Plates

- Smoked Cous Cous, Cauliflower and Root Vegetable Tagine with crisp chickpea ‘chaat’

- Creamy Cottage Cheese Steak, Roasted Veg ‘Bhartaa’ with smoked tomato emulsion

- Chilli Smoked Duck Breast with hoisin pakchoi, ginger kokum jus

- Charred Filet Mignon with mushy peas, wasabi foam


- Malai Coconut” Panacotta with green peppercorn and kaffir lime gastrique

- Caramelized Bacon Ice Cream with air dried mélange of fruits.

- The Opera amaretto macaroon


A special thanks to Chef Shailendra Kekade for remembering Farzana’s birthday and bringing her birthday with this wonderful creation.



Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Riyaaz Amlani, CEO and MD, Impresario Hand Made Restaurants says, “Stone Water Grill has been Pune’s most celebrated restaurant. Pune, according to me is the metro superseded only by Mumbai and New Delhi. We want to offer Punekars a world class dining experience by presenting our guests a menu that boasts of gastronomic creativity offered at a value price. With elegant interiors juxtaposed by the natural beauty of the river, Stone Water Grill makes a comeback into the city to serve its patrons and offer them an exceptional dining experience.”

Mr. Amit Bhosale, MD, ABIL Group, who has partnered with Impresario for Stone Water Grill, says “I’m pleased to say that Stone Water Grill is reopening. Its presence was sorely missed in the Pune dining out scene, and I am glad that Pune now can boast of a stand-alone restaurant of a quality that can hold its own against the finest restaurants in the world not just for its menu but also its stunning ambiance and location.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stonewatergrillpune


Instagram: @StoneWaterGrill

Barbeque at Garade.


Garade is a small village not very far from Pune where people have suddenly woken up to buying Farm House plots , luckily the beauty of the place is still Intact.

One of my friends has a Farm house and he had invited us over for the weekend, so we decided to have a foodies night there and what better way to start with the Bhel above, there is a shop there which sells this amazing Sukka bhel which is just too good.

The below picture was of fresh made Wadas in the kitchen by the local help there. Yummy.


In the night I had marinated Chicken legs for the barbeque, so getting the barbeque grill ready .



Actually we had made Mutton Rassa too over there but in the hunger and the way we gobbled it , I forgot to click the pictures.

So we really had a great time and am looking forward to go in the monsoons again when its more beautiful and green.

Till then Bye.

Bounty , The Sizzler Joint.

Bounty is a landmark restaurant in Kalayni Nagar opened some 12/ 13 years back , this place has been our regular joint since years, much before I started blogging and this food photography came in place.Its got a lovely sitting outside which has a very buzzing and a positive vibe to it, so we always prefer sitting outside.


The reason I had never written about  it because it does not need any promotion or reviews , it’s a busy place with a huge waiting even on a weekday. Table booking a must on a weekend.

We were six of us and we have all been to Bounty’s several times so we ordered our usual comfort food,  Prawns chilli, Lamb chilli, Garlic mushrooms and Fries to start with and for main course we had Pepper steak and Chicken Shashlik steak  and finally to end with Chocolate Mousse and Custard.


Fresh lime and Ice tea to accompany the meal. I have not clicked any pictures since i had just gone to enjoy the evening , these all are clicked by our members.

Food-Adda members paid for the meal.


The Bounty Sizzlers, 14 & 15 Landmark Garden,  Kalyani Nagar, Pune, India.

Manas Holiday Resort.

man man1 man3

Any person living in Pune must be aware of Manas Resort, it was one of the first resorts in Pune which was a complete family destination and a full house on the weekends , over the years a steady decline for reasons not known to me made it an almost forgotten place but when my friend and his partners decided to revamp the place and reclaim its former glory, i decided to check it out with my partner in crime and fellow Food-Adda mates.

The place retains its beauty and the lake in your sight make it a pleasant evening for dinner and conversations.

The food served is authentic and fresh, specially i recommend the Mutton Sukka which is made in a Maharashtrian Style. I managed to have quite  a bit of that.

It could be more beautiful in the day as the nature surrounding it is amazing but the night too was mesmerizing for us.

A must visit just for the food, Nature , lake and fresh air comes as a bonus.

Picture Credits – Manas Resorts.


Palm Shack, Koregaon Park.

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Palm Shack is in Koregaon Park, Pune. This place was earlier owned by a close friend and we were frequent visitors to it. Then the management changed and Kookie, the current owner is looking after this place now. He too is a good friend, so we The Food-Adda guys decided to check it out again last week. We were six of us and we decided to go in the evening.

The ambiance is like a trendy shack which could be anywhere in the world but i would prefer it to be Goa.

The food is good and freshly made and the Non Veg selection makes a better choice than the Veg.

I would not like to write a long post explaining the finer details of each and every dish but it is a must visit if you are in Koregaon Park, its in the lane 6. You won’t be disappointed.

Since then we have visited it again a couple of times and will be visiting it again soon.

Food-Adda members paid for the meal.

Picture credits – Palm Shack.